In addition, some casinos are closed during the week due to a lack of tourists, and some Vegas tourist attractions are permanently closed.

Just in time for the holiday, new Las Vegas casino COVID-19 regulations have been introduced. Nevada’s governor announced that the restrictions will go into effect tomorrow (November 24) and must be at least three weeks old.

Nevada’s governor said Sunday that he is tightening new Las Vegas casino restrictions on the coronavirus, and those restrictions will also apply to restaurants and bars in the state.

These new measures are in effect now as state and local government leaders across the country move to reinstate widespread restrictions to tame a severe surge in infections after the summer lull of the pandemic. They could eventually lead to a second closure of Las Vegas.온라인카지노

Casinos and other gaming facilities are limited to 25% and must follow Nevada Gaming Control Board guidelines. “If casinos don’t obey them, they will face the consequences described by the Game Control Board,” Sisorak said of the local casinos’ compliance. Restaurants and bars in game facilities are also limited to 25 percent.

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