“I’m the best play center back” Kim Min-jae’s high rating

Bild reported on the 15th (Korea Standard Time) that “Dear has increased in value for its price. Dyer was forgotten by Tottenham, but he appeared as Bayern Munich’s central defender.”

“Dear also brought up the story of ‘I’m the center back who plays the best’,” he said.

Dyer, who played as a main central defender for Tottenham for a long time, was forgotten when manager Enzi Postecoglou took over.
Kim joined Bayern Munich last summer. Having led Napoli to win the league title in the 2022-2023 season, he changed his uniform again in just one season and started his quest to conquer the German stage. Many teams had drooled, but Tuchel himself persuaded Kim and became the ultimate winner. Tuchel embraced and kissed the ball as he stepped on Munich ground.

He did not need to adapt himself to Germany. As a player who won the Serie A title with the best defender, Kim immediately established himself as a key defender of Bayern Munich, and always stood by the back of his team. Even if his partners Dayo Upamecano and The Licht alternately collapsed, Kim was able to lead the team’s defense. Up until the middle of the season, he played full-time in 15 consecutive games, which caused controversy over overwork.

However, after visiting the Asian Cup in Qatar, his position was shaken. It was Dyer who replaced Kim Min-jae.

Dyer has been quite moderate at Tottenham, from Pochettino’s time to Antonio Conte.

Dyer’s position, however, changed after Coach Enzi Postecoglou took the helm of the team. He was shunned by Postecoglou, and the pressure increased.

Eventually, when he couldn’t even sit on the bench, he pushed for a winter lease. For Dyer, it was also a challenge with the contract about to expire. There was no seat at Tottenham, but it was in contact with Bayern Munich, who suffered from a central defensive injury, and he played on the Bundesliga stage in the second half.

Kim Min-jae, Mathias the Licht, and Dayo Upamecano were expected to be around three to four options. However, Tuchel actively hired Dyer in defiance of expectations. Finally, he pushed out Kim Min-jae and Upamecano and paired them with The Licht to lead Bayern Munich in the second half.

Bild evaluated Munich’s squad for the 2023-2024 season on Wednesday. He gave five points to Kim Min-jae

German media rate the score between 1 and 6. The lower the score, the higher the score.

Center back Kim Min-jae, who played in 36 games and scored one goal and two assists in total this season, was a key player until the middle of this season.

Last season, he seemed to continue his brilliant performance in Serie A Napoli, where he made a brilliant contribution to his team’s first league victory in 33 years.

However, a variable has emerged. From January to February, he left his team after recruiting for the Korean national soccer team to participate in the Asian Cup of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), and gradually lost his position to Eric Dier, who transferred from Tottenham, before ending the season as a backup.

In addition, Kim Min-jae’s time to be selected was further reduced as Matthijs the Liecht returned from injury.

Bild gave Dyer and The Licht two ratings side by side.스포츠토토

In the end, Dyer took the place of Kim Min-jae and the atmosphere completely changed.

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