“I’ll show you how I go further.”

It was not a gold medal that I had hoped for, but it was an invaluable accomplishment. Korean speed skating star Kim Min-sun won a silver medal at the World Championships.

Kim Min-sun won the silver medal with a time of 37.19 seconds in the women’s 500m at the 2024 International Skating Union (ISU) speed skating world championships held at the Calgary Olympic Oval in Canada on the 17th (Korea time).

It is the first time that a Korean athlete has won a medal in the women’s 500m event at the senior world championships. It took seven years for her to win a medal again.

Lee Sang-hwa used to be the Empress of the Short Distance. She won two consecutive Olympic titles and won three gold, two silver, and two bronze medals at the World Championships. Her last world championship title came in 2017 when she was a silver medalist at the Gangneung Olympics.

Having constantly worn the national flag since childhood, Kim has grown rapidly last season. Having enjoyed the first gold medal in the senior stage by winning the 500m event from the first competition, Kim added four more gold medals thereafter.

Expectations have grown that he will be able to maintain his position at the top, but he struggled after replacing his boots ahead of this season. He had a hard time adapting to the new skate boots at the first and second World Cup competitions.

However, she regained her old boots and rebounded soon. Kim, who had to be satisfied with silver and bronze medals in the second competition, won gold medals in succession in the third and fourth competitions, and won the fifth competition by breaking the track record. In the second race, she won bronze medals in eight consecutive women’s 500m medals.

Kim Min-sun, who is looking at the 2026 Milan/Cortina D’Ampezzo Olympic gold medal, challenged for the top spot at the World Championships, where the best players participate every season.

Kim Min-sun, who competed with Gurumi Inagawa of Japan in the Group 11 out course, posted a time of 10.40 seconds in the first 100 meters to secure the third place overall, and accelerated her performance thereafter. She showed a big difference from Inagawa, but suffered a slight setback in the final curved line. She lost her balance and touched the ice with her left hand, which affected her final record.

Fortunately, she finished the race without falling, but her speed slowed down. She was No. 1 when she finished the race, but Kim Min-sun fell to second place as Pemke Kok of the Netherlands recorded a time of 36.83. Her medal color changed by 0.36 seconds. The bronze medal went to Kimi Goetz of the U.S. (37:21).

As a result, Kim Min-sun ended the season with three World Cup series gold medals, three silver medals, and two bronze medals in the women’s 500m event this season.

Lee Na-hyun (Roh Won-won), a promising player who participated together, marked seventh overall with a time of 37.49 seconds, while Kim Min-ji (Seoul General) ranked 24th with a time of 41.00. 토토사이트 순위

In the men’s 500 meter race, Cho Sang-hyuk (Sports Toto) came in seventh with a time of 34.45 seconds, and Kim Joon-ho (Gangwon Provincial Office) came in eighth with a time of 34.49. Kim Tae-yoon (Seoul City Hall) finished the race 24th with a time of 34.89.

According to the Korea Skating Union, Kim Min-sun said after the match, “I’m happy to win a silver medal at the World Championships that I aimed for this season,” adding, “Of course, there were some disappointments, but I’ll work hard to show you my progress based on this experience. Thank you for your support until early morning.”

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