“I would like to do something personally, but I really want to. . . ” he said.

SSG’s flagship hitter Choi Jung has a lot of worries in baseball this fall. It’s because my body condition is not perfect condition yet. Due to thigh pain at the end of the regular season, he was excluded from the first division entry and failed to play the last four games. Choi Jeong said, “The accumulation of fatigue accumulated so far seems to have led to injury due to the chilly weather. The moment I got hurt, I thought, “This season is over.” Rather, I felt comfortable, and the recovery speed was fast, he said. “But it’s only about 70-80%.”

Choi Jung-eun, who resumed training on the 16th, was able to earn time to recover her condition as SSG confirmed third place in the regular season the next day (17th) and went straight to the semi-PO. “Thanks to my colleagues, I’m glad to have time to prepare for the postseason,” he said. However, he smiled awkwardly, saying, “The return match is PS (the most important).”

Choi Jeong is one of the best hitters to represent Incheon baseball. He joined SK in 2005 after receiving the first nomination, and has a career batting average of 0.287, 458 home runs and 1,454 RBIs. He has risen to the top of the KBO League’s personal record this season, and if he adds 10 home runs next season, he will surpass Lee Seung-yeop (467 home runs) to rank No. 1 in the KBO League. The new record of double-digit home runs for 18 consecutive seasons, the most in Korean professional baseball, is also in progress.

Choi Jeong also recorded a batting average of 0.297 29 home runs and 87 RBIs in 128 games this season, ranking first in home runs and RBIs in the team. He won the title with a batting average of 0.548.

Perhaps because of her poor physical condition, Choi Jeong showed a lack of confidence during the interview, saying, “I don’t know.” “If it’s a regular season, it’s okay because there’s tomorrow even if I can’t do it today, but PS is a short-term game, so I’m worried. “It feels different from last year,” he said.

But he showed off his fierce batting performance in his first PS game of the year. He hit a leadoff hit in the top of the fourth inning when he faced NC 0-0 in Game 1 of the semi-PO on the 22nd. He advanced to second base on a hit by Guillermo Heredia, but failed to score due to the failure of a follow-up hit.

Choi Jung followed with a sacrifice fly that chased 1-2 in the eighth inning with one out and runners on second and third bases. NC Ryu Jin-wook’s cut fastball confidently turned his bat to create a sharp ball in front of the left field. Choi Jung himself is anxious, but SSG coach Kim Won-hyung and fans showed why they still believe him. In the second game held on the 23rd, he had no hit in four at-bats, and SSG lost 3-7.

Choi played in 75 games for PS and posted a batting average of 0.274 (68 hits in 248 times at bat) and 12 home runs and 39 RBIs. In last year’s Korean Series (KS), he played with a batting average of 0.476 (10 hits in 21 at-bats) with two home runs and nine RBIs, leading SSG to an integrated victory. In the regular season against NC, he was very strong with a batting average of 0.341 (15 hits in 44 at-bats) with six home runs and nine RBIs.

Choi Jeong remains cautious. “I wanted to do well at KS last year. “I thought, ‘I should do it,’ but now…” he said. “I hope Hanyu Island will continue to play (at the end of the second half).” Han Yu-seom, who only hit 0.203 until August, hit .425 with three home runs and 27 RBIs since September. He ranked first in batting average during this period. Choi Jeong said, “You-seom did well in the second half, so I hope you do well until the end,” adding, “I hope Park Sung-han and Jihoon Choi, which were somewhat sluggish compared to last year, will also go crazy (in the PS). I hope Ha Jae-hoon, who turned from pitcher to batter, will also become a crazy player.”

Choi Jeong feels a great sense of responsibility while hoping for his juniors’ performance. “Big games are always burdensome. “I think the result will vary depending on how cool you are,” he said, adding, “I hope I do something.”

SSG was on the brink of losing two in a row. SSG’s main hitter seeks a counterattack once again. Choi Jeong was the strongest in the team with a batting average of 0.375 with four home runs and six RBIs in six games against NC in Changwon this year. 안전 토토사이트

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