“I won’t avoid confronting Japanese guards.”

“I won’t avoid Japanese guards”

The Korean men’s college basketball selection team (hereinafter referred to as the college selection team) will play a friendly match against the Japanese men’s college basketball selection team in Tokyo, Japan, from the 17th to the 19th.

The college selection team has four ball handlers. One of them is Kang Sung-wook (184 centimeters, G), a sophomore at Sungkyunkwan University. Kang’s strength is flexible play and shooting. He needs to assemble the game based on his own strength.

Kang also attended the 2022 FIBA U18 Asian Men’s Basketball Championships two years ago. He led the team to victory with colleagues from the college selection team, including Lee Ju-young (189 cm, G) and Yoo Min-soo (200 cm, F). The team’s schedule may be different because it beat Japan in the final at the time.

First of all, Kang expressed his feelings briefly, saying, “I’m happy to wear the Taegeuk mark again. On the other hand, I feel pressured.” “I was the oldest two years ago, and this time I’m following him as the youngest. I think the difference is that both sides are with senior players,” he said, describing the difference from two years ago.
“I matched with (Lee) Joo-young and (Yu) Min-soo two years ago. I think they fit well. Also, everyone is not stagnant, and their skills have improved. There are more encouraging factors than two years ago,” he said of his reunion with teammates of the national youth team.

Meanwhile, the college selection teams briefly teamed up last April. Then, they convened at Konkuk University’s Glocal Campus on May 12. They had two practice matches through May 15.

Kang also teamed up with several players. He played first in most cases. Then, he grasped the tendencies of players he met for the first time.

Kang Sung-wook said, “We made a lot of offense and defense moves among ourselves. And the coach ordered me to give it to him quickly when I get a chance. Also, make him look good.” He said, “I think he wants the No. 1 role.”

As mentioned above, the university selection team will play three consecutive games against the Japanese university selection team. With the level of Japanese basketball higher than before, Kang can learn a lot. In particular, the play of Japanese guards can act as a turning point for Kang.

Kang Sung-wook also said, “We need to learn from Japanese guards’ play. I want to see Japanese guards’ skills such as passes, breakthrough techniques, and shooting steps.”토토사이트 순위

However, he added, “I want to show my skills as well. I want to show passes and shots, and I want to prove that my dribble is not taken away by the opponent.”

Lastly, he said, “The height of the Japanese guards is similar to that of me. However, I understand that they are physically good. I will not avoid Japanese players even if they have a rough physical fight. And I will use this college selection team as an opportunity to grow.” Things to learn will be learned, but I thought more about the “head-on match.”

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