“I was able to blow away the bad period.” The “Goodbye” that rang out at the end of the game was exciting. It was a good result.

The process told a slightly different story. The first part of the game was amazing. He scored three goals in 18 minutes from kickoff. It was a good atmosphere to imagine a record-breaking victory. Then, all of a sudden, Ulsan fell into a numerical inferiority. The remaining 60 minutes were tough. Has there been 90 minutes where you’ve started so perfectly and barely lasted this long? The victory over Johor is somewhat similar to Ulsan’s move this season.

The start to the Johor match was fantastic. The goals were scored in the fifth, 12th, and 18th minutes. If Rubik’s son ran, no one could follow him. As soon as the attack was cut off, the players regained possession of the ball with reverse pressure. Some of Johor’s players were nervous because they were beaten too much. During the first half, K-League veteran Versson kicked an out ball and hit Ulsan players who were warming up. Kim Tae-hwan fumed at “B-manner.” Referee Paghani (Iran) took out a yellow card only to Kim Tae-hwan, who reacted naturally. The cause provider, Berthorn, was lucky to get through the card crisis.

Still, the score was 3-0. Ulsan had no reason to be in a hurry. There was no reason to fall for the opponent’s provocation. Ulsan kicked the situation on its own. In the 36th minute, Kim Tae-hwan was sent off with a second warning. It is too late to question whether the first warning was unfair. Ulsan had to endure about 60 minutes without one person. At half-time, innocent two-goal player Rubik’sson was sacrificed. In the second half, he even allowed a run to appeal for fouls, but Ulsan eventually won. 3-1 is a satisfactory scoreline. The aftertaste is not refreshing even after winning.

Ulsan has won six consecutive games this season. After resting two games, he won six consecutive games, and slowed down two games again, and won five consecutive games. In 21 league games, Ulsan had 17 wins, two draws and two losses. At the time of the league’s return, the championship’s direction was almost decided. The super-force melted under the heat. Since then, Ulsan has won only three games in 13 games. Of the 39 points, only 14 were saved. In the FA Cup, he was eliminated after losing to Jeju. Thanks to the points saved, he is still a favorite.k. But now Ulsan is a completely different team from the beginning of the season.

In situations where winning the league is definitive, a lack of motivation is common. Sometimes arrogance also shows up. That’s when veterans’ experiences shine. As you know, there are many veterans in Ulsan. It is bizarre that the unrivaled appearance of a team like this continues to be repeated. It is more confusing because it is a team with coach Hong Myung-bo, who boasts the best charisma in domestic soccer. There is a big difference between Ulsan’s par value and market price.

The scene of losing a point in the second half symbolized Ulsan’s misalignment. Three players who were blocking the side raised their hands at the same time to appeal the foul. The judges did not respond. Thanks to this, the opposing goaltender hit a “free” shot to make up for one goal. Coach Hong Myung-bo also reprimanded, saying, “To develop into a better player, we must clearly correct that.” The players who scored three goals in 18 minutes in the first half are this loose? It doesn’t add up.

Ulsan is still in the winner’s position. The match against Johor ended 3-1. In terms of objective power, there is a high possibility of advancing to the tournament. In the K League, every game can be confirmed starting this weekend. Despite the situation, Ulsan somehow falters. In recent years, the number of “kadae-telecommunications” surrounding the team has also increased. The outside and the inside, the content and the result are different.토토사이트 모음

In the professional world, results are the only language. You just have to win. You can win. It may be a simple nitpick to suggest that it looks “weird” to a team that is about to achieve its ultimate goal. However, director Hong Myung-bo can’t hide his worries, saying, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” Yes. Somewhere, obviously, it’s a bit strange.

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