I want to continue the current good atmosphere.”

Bayar Saihan Batsu (registered name Bayar Saihan) will join the OK Financial Group through the Asian Quarter, which was implemented for the first time this season, and he is playing as the team’s main middle blocker in the Dodram 2023-2024 V-League. In his first year in the V-League, he played in 79 sets in 23 games, and has 144 points and 0.582 blocks per set. He is ranked fifth in the blocking category.

Team Korea is continuing its upward trend. OK Financial Group, which has won five consecutive games, is ranking fourth with 13 wins, 10 losses and 36 points. It is only two points behind Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance (14 wins, 8 losses, 38 points).

In particular, he is showing a completely different move from when he lost all three rounds. Bayarsai also said, “When I first entered the fourth round, all of my teammates tried to do as if they were dying. And I think my will to get out of consecutive losses came out well, and I think I’m getting good results so far as I continue the atmosphere.”

However, he was not satisfied with the current record. “I want to go higher. My personal record is still disappointing, too. I was No. 1 in blocking until the second round, but my performance declined in the third round. Now that the game is going well and I am continuing good mood, I think I can do better,” Bayarsaihan said.

I still vividly remember my debut game after seven years of waiting. Bayarsaihan started the first game of this season against KEPCO in the first round and grabbed seven blocks. He scored the most blocks in a single individual game.

“It was the game of my life,” Bayarsaihan said after watching his debut game. “I waited for this game for more than seven years, so I told my players from a week ago that I waited for this day for seven years. I have seven blocks in the game that I have waited for for seven years, so I am remembered as the game of my life.”

In an interview he had when he was a student at Inha University, Bayar Saihan said, “I will watch videos of Korean Air’s Kim Kyu-min, KEPCO’s Shin Young-seok and Hyundai Capital’s Choi Min-ho and find out how to take middle blocker steps.” Now, he will play against players he used to watch on television.

”I get nervous when I have seniors in front of me,” Bayarsaihan confessed. “I’m very nervous because the seniors I’ve been looking forward to are on the other side of the net. Still, I’m playing with confidence that I can win with a spirit of challenge. I’m feeling nervous and confident, but I think I’m doing well.”

He will also participate in the All-Star Game in his first year in the V-League. Bayarsaihan became a member of the K-Star with 18,971 votes. “It is an honor to be selected as an All-Star from the first year, and I did not expect many people would vote for me. As much as I was selected, I am preparing to go and show you fun games and ceremonies,” he said while expressing gratitude. When asked about the ceremony he is preparing, he said, “I am rooting for you.”

For OK Financial Group’s Bayarsaihan, 2023 has become an unforgettable year. “I achieved my long-awaited goal, and it was a year when I had a hard time coming to a new place, but I had a lot of happy things,” he said.

Meanwhile, OK Financial Group will have its last game of the fourth round against Hyundai Capital on the 17th. It is the last game before the All-Star break. If OK Financial Group wins the game on the day, it can finish the fourth round with all wins. Will Bayarsaihan be able to present his team with three victories.


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