I don’t care about pitchers, just…”

Choi Won-tae (27) of the LG Twins started the game against the Samsung Lions in the 2024 KBO League, which took place at Jamsil Stadium on Sunday. He allowed three hits, gave up two runs (one earned run) and struck out three in four ⅔ innings. Although he allowed few runs, he suffered a setback in ball control. He gave up five walks and committed one hit by a pitch. Choi showed below-expectations performance in his first game of this season.

What did Yeom Kyung-yeop, who watched the game from the dugout, think about Choi Won-tae’s pitching? “Choi has improved his pitching capability this season compared to last year. As he is an experienced player, I believe he will improve his ball control,” he told reporters ahead of the game against Samsung in Jamsil on Friday, expressing expectations that Choi will display better performance.

“However, if we continue to play like that, it will have a negative impact on our team. It has nothing to do with Choi. However, if Choi continues to display poor performance, fielders will inevitably lose concentration. (Longer innings) could lead to more errors. Pitchers are most affected by distractions. Choi must continue to compensate for his weaknesses. At the match against Samsung, he couldn’t control his pitches. I was fortunate to have dragged out four innings. The situation could completely collapse.”

Choi moved to LG after leaving the Kiwoom Heroes through a trade last year. Having needed a starting pitcher, LG recruited Choi Won-tae in exchange for Lee Ju-hyung, promising hitter, and Kim Dong-kyu, and the first round pick of the 2024 rookie draft. Choi was the “last puzzle” for LG, which is seeking to become president. However, Choi did not perform as expected.

Choi Won-tae, who wore a Finnstrip uniform, was sluggish with three wins and three losses with a 6.70 ERA in nine games. He also posted an ERA of 33.75 in two games and one ⅓ in the Korean Series. Although LG achieved its first win in 29 years, Choi was elated.

Choi also struggled hard to rebound during the off-season. Moreover, this season is infinitely important to Choi. He is preparing for the FA. Choi is not conscious of the FA, but he has expressed his intention to increase his value by filling in the prescribed innings. “I don’t think this year is important. I want to keep going around the starting rotation. I want to make sure there are no gaps in the starting lineup,” Choi said at an exhibition game.

Choi Won-tae said he would think only of two things on the mound. “I always throw a lot of strikes whenever I take the mound. I tried not to give any walks. Up until last year, I pitched with the thought that LG could give me a point because its batters are good. Now, I have changed my mind. I take the mound thinking that I need to defend myself well,” he said, vowing to complete his mission.

However, is it because the team has too much motivation? Choi has not shown the performance that LG had expected. Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said that he wants to play the starting baseball for this season. Will Choi be able to play the pivotal role of starting baseball that manager Yeom Kyung-yeop envisions. 토토사이트

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