Hwang Hee-chan did an outstanding job, but he was not selected as the 2023 Wolverhampton TOP3 player.

The Molineux News, which delivers the news of Wolverhampton, selected the top three players of the team in 2023. Wolverhampton successfully rebounded after Julen Lopetegui’s arrival from a relegation crisis under the Bruno Laj last season. Lopetegui suddenly resigned ahead of this season, causing instability again. Coach Gary O’Neill, who had concerns, is now in the middle of the team’s lineup.

Maximilian Kilman came in third. Kilman was key in defense under Raz and Lopetegui, and he is doing his part as captain under O’Neill. In second place was Craig Dawson. Dawson, who is in charge of Kilman and defense, came from West Ham United and added a sense of security. As an experienced defender, he was said to have been in charge of Wolverhampton’s defense, which was unstable, and strengthened his rearguard.

Mario Lemina was the No. 1 player. Lemina played for a number of teams including Marseille, Juventus, Southampton, Galatasaray, Fulham and Nice. She came to Wolverhampton in 2023 and became a solid option for the midfield. Notably, as Hoobeng Neves and Joao Mutinho were at the center this season, they displayed outstanding skills in pressing, connecting and defensive cover, and overwhelmed Wolverhampton fans by making a strong impression like scoring against Chelsea.

“Wolverhampton needed a midfielder like a general. Lemina added tenacity to Wolverhampton, who lacked intensity and energy. Lemina’s ability shines when competing. She deserves to be selected as the best player for Wolverhampton in 2023,” the Molineux News reported.

Surprisingly, Hwang was absent. Although Hwang was sluggish in the first half of last season, he recovered his physical condition and scored consistently in the second half. He is indeed at his best this season. Starting with the match against Brighton, he has scored goals against Liverpool, Manchester City, and Aston Villa. He also scored a goal in the match against Newcastle United, marking the first time since Wolverhampton’s foundation to score in five consecutive home games. Hwang, who also scored in the match against Crystal Palace and Fulham, competed at the top of the scoring list, reaching his seventh goal in the league. He also scored a goal in the match against Burnley.

He became the core of Wolverhampton’s offense and even renewed his contract. At the time of renewal, Matt Hobbs, the director, said, “Hwang Hee-chan has not always been smooth since he joined, but he has always done his best for the club. The fans really appreciate what he does on the ground. He burst into scoring and became an important part of the team. All of this is a fair reward for his actions on and off the field.”

“Hwang Hee-chan has been fully involved with the club, he loves the area, he can see his love for the fans. He is a great fit and allows him to stay for a long time as a very important player for us. Good players can see what is going on at Compton and what we are trying to build. We have reorganized the club and are moving forward again. We want to be part of the project. Important players may find it easy to simply praise the manager and coaching staff through the media, but it shows a real commitment and belief,” he added.

Hwang Hee-chan, who is well-received, did not even make the TOP 3 and was classified only as an incentive along with Pedro Netu and Hugo Bueno.


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