He played 102 games, the most among 10 clubs.

He played six more games than the Samsung Lions and KT Wiz (96 games), who played the second most games after Kiwoom.

Kim Hye-sung played in 101 of them and defended as many as 848 innings. Most of them are second baseman, the main position, but due to team circumstances, they also played five games as shortstop. With Lee Jung-hoo out due to injury, Kim Hye-sung’s share in the lineup has increased.

Kiwoom will play the second game of the weekday series against the Lotte Giants on the 9th. Kim Hye-sung was the second baseman as the second batter in the lineup released by Kiwoom ahead of Kiwoom manager Hong Won-ki’s briefing.

However, coach Hong said, “The lineup just changed a little. I think Kim Hye-sung will have a hard time defending, he said. “I was originally going to take a break today, but the player’s willingness to play is so strong.” “I will play as a designated hitter,” he explained.

The Kiwoom club then announced the new lineup of Lee Yong-kyu (right fielder), Kim Hye-sung (designated hitter), Dawson (left fielder), Kim Hwijip (shortstop), Song Sung-moon (third base), Lee Ju-hyung (center fielder), Kim Tae-jin (second base), Kim Soo-hwan (first base), and Kim Dong-heon (catcher). The starting pitcher is Furado.

Kim Hye-sung complained of pain after being hit by his foul ball during the attack in the bottom of the third inning the previous day. In the end, he was replaced ahead of the defense in the top of the fifth inning. Immediately after the replacement, he moved to Guro Sacred Heart Hospital and took a CT scan. Fortunately, the doctor’s opinion was “simple contusion.”

However, Hong said, “I don’t think it’s a normal bruise. “Isn’t he a player who doesn’t express his intention to replace him during the game?” he explained, “I thought it would be hard today, but I strongly expressed my intention to play in the process of checking my physical condition.”

“Lotte has a lot of left-handed hitters, the second base defense has a lot of left-handed movements, and even after our selection, he has a lot of ground ball inducement,” he said. “I decided to play as a designated hitter for now.” “It’s a lie if you don’t have the burden of losing nine consecutive games,” he added.토토사이트 순위

“It is urgent to stop losing consecutive games. That way, something will rebound, but it’s not usually hard. I think it’s important to get the first point first

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