Has there been a rookie in the KBL who has been drawing this much attention since the draft day?

A case in point was Park Moo-bin of Hyundai Mobis. Park is a player who is drawing attention from basketball fans as well as the public for his talent, spirit and good looks that are not like a rookie. Park says, “Permanent resolution is the most honorable conclusion one can dream of as a basketball player.” Rookie met Park Moo-bin, a confident rookie who is already dreaming big.

Park Moo-bin of Hyundai Mobis is a rookie who has been drawing a lot of attention this season.

Park Moo-bin, who was selected as the second overall pick in the first round, returned from an ankle injury and made his official professional debut only last December.

Park Moo-bin, who has been impressive since his debut, has quickly established himself as a key guard of Hyundai Mobis and has been reborn as a strong candidate for Rookie of the Year.

During the recent All-Star break, he participated in the Louis Vuitton event, a luxury brand, and attracted a lot of attention.

As a basketball player, how did it feel to participate in a luxury brand event with celebrities? When Park mentioned it, he immediately smiled shyly.

“I was resting during the All-Star break, but suddenly I got a call from the club. Both the club and I said it was a never-before-seen opportunity. Personally, I don’t know much about fashion, I don’t like being in public and I’m shy. If I had been asked to decide on my own, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Still, I came to participate because I thought it was a good opportunity.”

“Everything else was fine, but I was really nervous standing in front of the photo wall. I usually don’t get nervous, but I was so nervous and burdened. I felt like I was going to ruin the scene. I decided on three poses to do in front of the photo wall, and fortunately, they only did one and let me in. After the photo wall shoot, I felt relieved.”

“But I’ve done a lot of interviews, so it’s okay, but I don’t think it’ll be easy going forward to work in a field other than basketball. (Laughs) My ears turned red and my face turned white again this time. I will participate if I have to.”

“They asked me for a bag and a belt. I didn’t get it either. I returned it all. Anyway, it was a great honor for me. I think I was lucky. I heard that LeBron James took a picture of Louis Vuitton, and I was looking for a basketball player to attend in Korea, and I ended up leaving. I was lucky. Honestly, it still doesn’t feel real that I was there. It really feels like a dream.”

In fact, it was on the day of the draft that Park Moo-bin became famous among the public. Park Moo-bin’s photo, which was taken at the scene, became known on social media, drawing keen attention. There are many new fans who have “admired” in basketball through Park Moo-bin.

“I didn’t know I was being photographed like that at the time. It was natural because I wasn’t being photographed as openly as a fashion show, but suddenly from the day of the draft, the number of followers on social media increased. I was like, “What’s wrong with you?” but when I saw that my picture was posted from an acquaintance, I was kind of scared. (Laughs) On the other hand, I thought I should be careful once again.”

Sadly, Park is far from being an attention seeker. He enjoys spending time alone without going outside when he has nothing to do. He seems to be living in a “mubin world” where he is the only one who doesn’t know how handsome and cool he is.

“What’s the first letter of MBTI?”

Park Mubin replies with a smile, “It’s an I, no matter what.”

“Of course, I’m always grateful for what many people think of me in a good way. But I don’t really want to be famous for my personal motto. I just like spending time with close people or being alone. But anyway, I think you’ve chosen to be a professional athlete, and then you should also accept the attention you get from a lot of people as a professional.”

“The first letter of MBTI is definitely an I. I’m an ISFJ. I tend to be shy, introverted and like to be alone. But when I enter the court, I play well and feel good when there are many spectators. When I enter the court, I seem to change to an extroverted person. I play without hesitation. I don’t know why. I like my personality. I can never be passive when I play basketball.”

Park has been quite famous since he was a player of Korea University. He was a talented player with good looks. Even a reporter would often see Park surrounded by many fans when he was playing in a college league.

Now that he is a professional, how is Park Moo-bin looking back on his college life.

“I am a famous student of Corona virus. COVID-19 broke out as soon as I became a freshman,” he said. So, I could hardly afford to go to college until I was a sophomore. I even took all the classes online. Until then, if you put me down at the front gate of Korea University, I might not have been able to go to the gym by myself. I am not a person who usually goes outside, but I didn’t have that many chances to go to school, and at that time, I couldn’t tell whether I was in college or extended my high school life. (Laughs) Back then, I played college league in one place. That’s why the first two years were the hardest for me. I suffered injuries and lost to Yonsei University. (Sono) I lost to Chung Hyeon as well. Personally, I learned and felt a lot, and I was scolded a lot. Because of that time, from the third grade, I gained trust among my colleagues and created an atmosphere like a family. Thanks to that, I was able to achieve a successful ending to Yujong as a senior. When I think about it again, the hard part is also a great memory.”

In fact, Korea ended the year beautifully by winning both regular matches and the finals of the college league playoffs in the fourth grade of Park. It must have been an achievement that could not be changed for Park, who is about to graduate.

In particular, he assisted Moon Yoo-hyun’s three dramatic clutch points in the college league final.

Actually, there is one more thing I follow when it comes to Park Moo-bin. That is studying. Park has been famous for his outstanding academic ability since college days. In fact, after graduation, he got a grade of around four points, drawing attention from basketball fans.

“I think I was good at studying.” (Laughs) Actually, I started playing basketball a little late. I started playing it in the winter of the second year of middle school. Until then, I had just learned how to study and made a habit of studying while living as an ordinary student. When I was in the sixth grade, my school in Seoul already offered to scout me for the basketball team, but I couldn’t because my parents were against it. When I told them again that I wanted to play basketball officially in middle school, they told me that I wanted to play basketball. Now that times have changed, athletes should not neglect studying and should prepare for their post-athletic lives in advance. They said they would let me play basketball if my average score on an exam is over 90. That’s why I didn’t give up studying until the end.”

“I think there were some benefits from continuing to play basketball knowing how to study. Of course, there were times when I wanted to take a rest because of the hard workouts and do my homework roughly, but I thought being as diligent as I could would help me with my future habits and actions. Most of all, I got a good grade, so I thought there was nothing bad for me. And in fact, even if I am a little tired, I am not the type to put off studying or work. I tried to do it as soon as possible if I had an assignment or something to study. I think I was able to finish my studies with ease thanks to you.”

It is said that as I lived the life of a basketball player studying, I naturally became interested in various fields. Even now that I am a professional, I learn various knowledge through various platforms, not necessarily books.

“I watch YouTube about science and the universe and often watch videos about Big Bang theory. And I think I like literary things, too. I often get inspirations from writing. So I often read a lot of poems on my phone, even if it’s not a book, when I have time. Originally, I liked writing poems, but since I was a pro, it was not easy because the season was long and there were many games. Writing poems is possible only when you have a long time to think by yourself, but I don’t think it’s easy during the pro season. So these days, I only read and read poems. I think I will write some poems by myself when it’s off-season.”

“I actually liked and did well in social studies, but if I hadn’t played basketball, I would have become a social studies teacher. And I still have that dream. I have thoughts about becoming a physical education teacher, and this is a dream I had after entering Korea University, but I want to become a professor at Korea University. If I continue my career as a professional basketball player and finish my career well, I want to become a leader. Actually, one of the reasons I chose to finish my senior year in college is because I had a dream as a teacher or professor. I needed a diploma, and I had a lot to learn in college, so I came to become a professional after finishing my senior year. Even now, I don’t have to study professionally, but I watch current events by myself and pay attention to accumulating knowledge even simply.”

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