Han Kee-Beom Hope Sharing, ‘2024 Youth Health Promotion 3X3 Seoul Basketball Competition’ wins first round of qualifiers

The Hangibum Hope Share Foundation held the first qualifying round of the ‘2024 Youth Health Promotion Seoul Basketball Competition’ at the Dobong-dong Indoor Sports Center in Seoul on Friday. The tournament was organized and hosted by Han Ki-beom Hope Share and sponsored by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Sports Council.

A total of 48 teams and 192 participants from 16 elementary, 16 secondary, and 16 high school teams competed. The first round of qualifiers was held at 10 a.m., starting with the elementary school division, followed by the secondary school division, and then the high school division 바카라사이트 to ensure a safe competition.

The ‘2024 Youth Health Promotion 3X3 Seoul Basketball Competition‘ was created to improve the physical fitness of youth and foster good character. It was also an opportunity for youths to demonstrate their basketball skills. It was a great opportunity to showcase the bond and harmony among the players through goodwill competition.

“The ‘2024 Youth Health Promotion 3X3 Seoul Basketball Tournament’ made me feel the passion of the youth,” said Han Ki-beom, Chairman of the Hope Sharing Foundation. We will continue to do our best to support basketball dreamers.”

Han Ki-beom Hope Share will hold the ‘2024 Youth Health Promotion 3X3 Seoul Basketball Competition 2nd Preliminary Round’ on Saturday, August 24 at the Dobong-dong Indoor Sports Center. The winners of the first and second qualifiers will be given the opportunity to compete in the King of Kings on Saturday, October 26th.

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