Half-successful youth sports yard 3×3 Ends the 2023 schedule

Nine teams and 40 athletes from across the country participated in the 2023 Youth Sports Hanmadang 3×3 Basketball Chungbuk Competition, which was held at the Cheongju National Sports Center on the 22nd (Monday) and 23rd (Tue), and enjoyed a 3×3 basketball festival on a winter day.

The competition, which was held with the aim of forming a “one team” with student players and ordinary students to build friendships and memories together, started in Yeosu and Jeju Island in Jeollanam-do in the first and second weeks of December last year and visited Cheongju, the “City of Jikji,” as the third region.

Although the number of participating teams was small compared to what was expected due to the delay in existing plans and schedules, students who visited Cheongju only for 3×3 in various parts of the country, including Seoul, Seongnam, and Busan, seriously participated in the competition.

The Korea Basketball Association and the Chungbuk Basketball Association, which organized the tournament, also prepared two-point shots, long gun events, prizes, and mentoring programs to help you enjoy the tournament more abundantly.

Some elementary school players in Seoul expressed satisfaction by saying, “The organizer gave me lunch boxes and giveaways. I’m going to Seoul with good memories (laughs).”

The organizers, who successfully completed the two-day festival with the smooth cooperation of the Korea Basketball Association and the Chungbuk Basketball Association, said, “The competition, which was scheduled to be held at the end of last year, was postponed to January, which was against the previous plan, but I could feel the passion of the 3×3 basketball dreamers who visited Cheongju from all over the country. We will try to coordinate the schedule well so that more players can visit Cheongju next year so that it can be a more substantial competition.”

The Youth Sports Hanmadang 3×3 Basketball, which was ambitiously planned by the Korea Sports Council as a way to make good use of the value and purpose of student players and ordinary students, completed its 2023 schedule successfully with half success from Yeosu and Jeju to Cheongju.

With the enthusiasm for 3×3 getting hotter year by year, we plan to make active efforts to ensure that 3×3 basketball can be selected for the Youth Sports Hanmadang Contest in 2024. Furthermore, we hope that it will be reborn as 3×3 content that represents Korea. As we have confirmed the passion of the participating players through this competition in Yeosu, Jeju, and Cheongju, we will work hard to further develop it in the future,” he said, promising to continue to develop 3×3 basketball in the 2023 Youth Sports Hanmadang.

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