[Golf News] Cleveland RTX Deep Forged 2 Wedges Available Now

Reporter Kwon Hoon Kwon = Dunlop Sports Korea (CEO Soon Sung Hong) announced on Thursday the launch of the RTX Deep Forged 2 wedge, newly developed by Cleveland Golf.The RTX DeepForedged 2 wedge is characterized by a thicker backface with a diagonal design and a 7.5 mm toe side enlargement compared to the previous model, so that when the ball is hit, it stays on the face for a long time and feels like a smooth exit.The company says it also realized a high moment of inertia in both the up and down 카지노사이트 direction, allowing for a more aggressive approach to the pin.Spin performance is also excellent, thanks to the same spin technology as the original RTX6 integrated core wedge, with thousands of micro-grooves between the 19 grooves.It comes in seven different lofts: 48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, and 60 degrees.

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