Germany has to beat Korea for ‘self-powered round of 16’… relaxed training

The German players, who were in the final tempering the day before the match against Korea in the final match of the 2023 FIFA World Cup group stage held on the 3rd, seemed relaxed.

The German national team, led by coach Martina Posteklenburg, conducted an official training session for about an hour on the 2nd at Ferry Park in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. The first 15 minutes of the two were released to the media.

The players began to appear at the training ground secretly, chatting about 10 minutes later than the scheduled start time. 23 people gathered to start training, but the German players and officials all gathered in front of the goal post and took a group photo.

In the end, the players, who started full-scale training more than 20 minutes late, went to warm-up according to the instructions of the coaches and improved their physical condition by exchanging passes.

Both teams have the potential for this match to be the final match of the tournament.

Korea, which lost to Colombia and Morocco, cannot look forward to advancing to the round of 16 unless it defeats Germany by 5 goals.

Germany, who won 6-0 in the first match against Morocco but lost 1-2 in the second match against Colombia, may also turn away depending on a certain number of cases.

If Morocco beats Colombia in the final Group H match and Germany loses or draws against Korea, Colombia and Morocco will receive a ticket to the round of 16. The same situation unfolds even if Morocco draws with Colombia and Germany loses to us.

In other words, Germany must defeat Korea unconditionally in order to advance to the round of 16 on its own.

Germany, ranked second in the FIFA rankings, is a representative powerhouse in women’s soccer both in name and reality.

The average height (172 cm) in Group H is also the largest. There are 17 players over 170cm. The average height of our national team is 167.9 cm.

The player to be most wary of is Alexandra Pope (Wolfsburg), the captain and leading goal scorer.

At last year’s European Women’s Football Championship (Women’s Euro 2022), she exploded 6 goals and put the team in the final.

In this tournament, she scored two goals against Morocco and one goal against Colombia, and is running the scorer in all matches.

At a press conference held prior to training on the day, Coach Posteklenburg said, “The team atmosphere is very good. I am enjoying the World Cup. Of course, I want to beat (Korea) and go to the round of 16.”

At the press conference, questions about Korea, the opponent of the confrontation, rarely came up. German reporters mainly asked questions about the atmosphere of the national team and whether individual players were appointed.스포츠토토

German midfielder Lena Oberdorf (Wolfsburg) said that the pressure of ‘must win’ was rather helpful.

“I lost the second game, so now there’s pressure to win, and because of that, I can play better. I can’t stretch too much,” Oberdorf said.

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