Gateway unveils design and name for proposed Delta casino

Gateway Casino and Entertainment have unveiled a design for the casino complex to be built on the Delta Town & Country In site in Radner. The company also announced that the new property will become a cascade-branded casino. However, the casino must be officially approved by the city council after a public hearing is scheduled

The proposed gambling and entertainment complex will be developed and operated by Gateway Casino and Entertainment, one of Canada’s largest gambling operators. The $70 million property features approximately 500 slot machines and 24 game tables, including Gateway’s flagship restaurant brands, MATCH Eatery and Public House, ATLAS Steak + Fish and buffet. The complex can also attract up to 124 guest rooms, more restaurants, meeting spaces, approximately 800 free parking spaces and a wide range of customers for live events.

According to Gateway CEO Tony Santo, Cascades Casino Delta will provide up to 700 new jobs in the region and bring a range of economic opportunities to Ladner and City of Delta. The design and theme of the Cascades brand means it will be more than just a casino venue. The design and theme of the Cascades brand is built on the concept of “play.” “It will be a casual environment and a sophisticated local entertainment facility.

The new property will be Gateway’s other cascade-branded casino. This is because it already operates several cascade venues in Langley, Pentiton and Camroups, British Columbia, British Columbia. The proposal will be submitted to Delta City Council in May this year. Prior to this, a public hearing on the application for a change of zone is scheduled. If the project is approved by the city council and given full permission, construction of the existing Delta complex will begin in the summer of 49 and the new complex will be demolished.

Cascade Casino Delta Won’t Increase Crime And Problem Gambling
Not everyone is particularly enthusiastic about Radner’s new casino development. Casino opponents have expressed a number of concerns, including traffic problems, increased crime rates, and the prevalence of problem gambling. However, Gateway said the current road network, which can accommodate the maximum traffic caused by the recently proposed casino, would be perfect to address these issues. In the traffic analysis, the company notes that the road infrastructure will increase traffic associated with the George Mash tunnel.

Another concern that the new casino will increase crime rates is unfounded, according to Delta Police. Delta Police Commissioner Neil Dubod told local media he did not expect a surge in violent crime or property crimes. Because not a single research paper suggests a connection between the two. One of the biggest issues raised by opponents of the proposed Cascade Casino Delta is that it will encourage gambling addiction. The relationship between gambling problems and the existence of various gambling facilities in gambling facilities has been demonstrated.

British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC) says it has taken steps to help troubled gamblers. According to the company, casinos in Delta will promote responsible gambling by providing customers with special software that reminds them of the amount they bet and the time they spent on a particular game. The BCLC also says it will provide help to people with problems through dedicated programs such as the Game Sense program, and help find people who provide free counseling in the area.


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