“Four consecutive seasons of 20SV” The price of FA’s biggest fish is soaring

“Thanks to Park Young-hyun, Kim Jae-yoon has been managed.” “Four consecutive seasons of 20SV” The price of FA’s biggest fish is soaring

The ransom of FA’s biggest fish at the end of the upcoming winter is soaring. KT WIZ closer Kim Jae-yoon has achieved 20 saves for four consecutive seasons. Kim Jae-yoon is expected to receive great attention from clubs in urgent need of reinforcing the bullpen.

KT won 1-0 against the Doosan Bears in Jamsil on August 15. With the victory, KT maintained its third-place position in the league with 54 wins, 2 draws and 45 losses this season.

On this day, KT put William Cuevas on the starting mound and played a fierce pitching match with opposing starting pitcher Raul Alcantara.

Until the seventh inning, neither team scored a single point under the starting pitcher’s good pitching. Cuevas played his part perfectly with two hits, seven strikeouts and two walks in seven innings.
In the end, KT scored the winning goal in the top of the eighth inning. KT made a valuable run with Kim Min-hyuk’s timely hit in the top of the eighth inning against pitcher Park Chi-guk, who changed after two outs, in a two-out, second base opportunity made by Bae Jung-dae’s hit and opponent’s defender’s error.

KT started the winning team right away in the bottom of the eighth inning. After Park Young-hyun blocked the bottom of the eighth inning with perfect pitching to achieve a hold, Kim Jae-yoon took the mound in the bottom of the ninth inning to achieve a save.

Kim Jae-yoon, who reached the 20th save mark of the season with a save, built a golden tower of 20 saves for four consecutive seasons. The record of 20 saves for four consecutive seasons is the second-largest record in the KBO League (Im Chang-yong, Jin Pil-jung, and Cho Yong-joon). The No. 1 record in the category is 20 saves for seven consecutive seasons held by Koo Dae-sung and Son Seung-rak.

After the game, Kim Jae-yoon said, “With today’s save, I have achieved 20 saves for four consecutive years.” I feel good that I was able to keep the team’s upward trend with a save after a long time rather than a personal record. Since the team started in the lower ranks this season, it has to go up further. In line with Jang Sung-woo’s lead, he is throwing accurately in every situation and throwing with more strength. Thanks to you, I got a good result,” he said with a smile.

The closing FA’s biggest fish is soaring in ransom…Will KT, which is in desperate need of internal crackdowns, be able to maintain its official victory team

Kim Jae-yoon is the most notable bullpen FA resource in the FA market after the end of this season. With 20 saves for four consecutive seasons, it is expected to receive the most attention from clubs that need bullpen reinforcement. 토토사이트
Of course, one of the teams that Kim Jae-yoon needs the most is his original team KT. This is why KT cannot miss the combination of Park Young-hyun and Kim Jae-yoon’s must-win card.

KT manager Lee Kang-chul also pointed out that Kim Jae-yoon’s value has been well managed this season. Kim Jae-yoon has played more than 60 innings for three consecutive seasons since the 2020 season. With KT continuing its fairly high winning rate in the second half of this season, Kim Jae-yoon played 44 innings in 39 games. Coach Lee said, “Considering the number of wins in the second half, (Kim) Jae-yoon is not overdoing it as much as I thought.”

The reason was Park Young-hyun’s presence. Coach Lee said, “Since (Park) Young-hyun becomes multi-inning, there is a time for Jae-yoon to rest. In addition, if Young-hyun blocked the seventh or eighth innings without losing a point, our team scored additional points and the save situation disappeared frequently. That’s why the number of saves looks relatively small,” he explained.

Of course, regardless of the number of saves this season, Kim Jae-yoon’s FA ransom will inevitably soar with the steadyness of 20 saves for four consecutive seasons. Coach Lee said, “Jae Yoon has achieved 150 saves and accumulated something steadily.” It’s not because he’s on our team, but he’s a player who can run for many more years as a stable closer. “We will be able to fully recognize our value in the FA market,” he said.

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