Former DB coach Lee Hyo-sang appointed Mongolian professional team coach

Former coach Lee Hyo-sang, along with coach Sono Kim Seung-ki, retired a year after joining the business team Samsung Electronics in 1994. Since then, he has coached Naksaeng High School, Kookmin Bank, Yongsan Middle and High School, and Korea University for the women’s team, and assisted coach Lee Sang-beom as a DB senior coach. Former coach Lee, who moved to Mongolia for another year, took the helm of Etuken University in the Mongolian University League.

Etoken University, which was only fourth in the university league at the time, has grown since the appointment of former coach Lee and has topped this season. Former coach Lee, who was recognized for his leadership, was appointed as the head coach of the Mongolian professional league Bison. He became a leader who has experienced high school basketball, women’s basketball, college basketball, professional teams, and overseas coaching.

Former coach Lee said, “I’ve been in charge of Etoken University for two seasons. Bison ranks sixth among eight Mongolian professional league teams. “I will do my best to make Bison a winning team as well,” he said.

Meanwhile, former coach Lee will lead Etuken University players to Korea and play practice games with Sono at the new gymnasium of Sono Vivaldi Park in Hongcheon on the 15th and 16th. Former coach Lee, who returned home in glory, said, “I promised to take the players to Korea if they win. We won and came to Korea together this time,” he said with a smile.


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