Foreigners to KIA for the second year in a row, will it happen again this year

Thomas Panoni (30-Chicago Cubs) has a pretty unique resume in the history of foreign players in the KBO. He joined a team as a replacement foreign player for two consecutive years. He was not re-signed and returned to the United States. He was a player who was too good to keep and too good to let go.

Drafted by Cleveland in 2013, Pannoni is a left-hander who made his major league debut with Toronto in 2018, appearing in 50 games (13 starts). In that time, he has a 7-7 record with a 5.46 ERA. He was groomed as a starter and prepared to pitch long innings in Triple-A. Then, in 2022, he was on the Kia’s radar. The Kia, who were looking for a replacement foreign player at the time, signed Fanoni as a late-season hidden card.

Panoni had a good performance. He doesn’t have a very fastball, but he has a steady delivery and decisive pitches. After joining the organization in 2022, he pitched 82⅔ innings in 14 games, going 3-4 with a 2.72 ERA. However, Kia didn’t re-sign him after the 2022 season, as they wanted to bring in a stronger pitcher for the big leagues. Despite his good performance, Pannoni returned to the United States, and the Kia went with a foreign pitching lineup with Shawn Anderson and Adonis Medina.

But when both Anderson and Medina struggled and were released, the Kia reached out to Panoni again. He was bouncing back and forth between the major leagues and the minors at the time, and the Kia organization took a chance on him, but he didn’t perform well, going 6-3 with a 4.26 ERA in 16 games. His limitations were clear. Kia put him on the disabled list and found a new foreigner, and he signed a minor league contract with the Chicago Cubs and left Korea.

In the meantime, Pannoni’s whereabouts are drawing renewed attention. Will Crowe, a highly touted prospect for Kia, is out with elbow surgery. Kia tinkered for six weeks, first signing Cam Aldred as a replacement foreign player. However, it remains to be seen if Aldred will be converted to a full-time roster player. At a cost of $325,000, he’s a potential replacement for Crowe, but we’ll have to see how he pitches.

KIA has the holdout rights to Pannoni. Kia is the only option for 안전놀이터 Pannoni to return to the KBO. However, it is unclear if he will be able to break the record of being a replacement foreigner for three consecutive years. The past two years have shown both the pros and cons. And this year’s results are not that attractive.

Playing for the Iowa Cubs, the Cubs’ Triple-A affiliate this year, Pannoni has been a consistent starter at Triple-A. He has started all 13 games this season, throwing 64 innings. This suggests that the Cubs are looking at him as a backup in case the major league team’s starting rotation goes down. However, he has a 4-5 record with a 4.22 ERA and a .262 batting average. Before coming to the Kia last year, Pannoni was 3-1 with a 2.70 ERA and a .224 batting average in Triple-A.

He’s stabilized in June, but struggled in May with a 6.56 ERA in five starts. The Cubs’ starting rotation has been rolling along just fine so far, which doesn’t make things easy for Pannoni. The Cubs have Imanaga Shota, Justin Steele, James Tyler, Javier Asad, and Ben Braun 온라인카지노사이트 anchoring the rotation, and no one has struggled enough to warrant a demotion.

If things continue to go the way they are, Pannoni might consider leaving the team, but a move to South Korea is unlikely, according to industry insiders. The player’s failure to sign a new contract for the second year in a row is bound to bring up old memories, and Kia’s poor performance makes it unlikely that the two sides will reunite. For now, Kia is hoping that Aldred will adapt well to the KBO and establish himself.

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