First win’ Klinsmann Returns to Korea After 45 Days

What Coach Klinsmann said when he returned after 45 days was, “I came because you guys told me to come.”

 Even though I was criticized for the criticism that came with remote work and frequent business trips, I asked them to do it after next year’s Asian Cup.

The soccer team returned with its first win in six games.

Attention was focused on Coach Klinsmann, who returned to Korea after 45 days.

The coach, who had planned to stay in Europe and watch the overseas team play, returned sooner than expected, conscious of the criticism.

[Klinsmann/Football team coach: I heard you guys are waiting. The Football Association told me that after the away game, the coach will return home with the team and be interviewed. 

It’s a different welcome than in the US or Germany.]

Fans want him to work in Korea instead of ‘remote work’ and frequent overseas business trips, but the director’s position has not changed.

[Klinsmann/National Soccer Team Coach: First, I will watch the K-League game here. We have overseas schedules, so we have to go back and forth.] 고스톱사이트

The national team composition is said to be the best ever, but in an unusual situation where the coach’s words and actions are drawing criticism, Coach Klinsmann simply asked for support.

[Klinsmann/National Soccer Team Coach: The national team needs warm support from fans and media. (Conversely) in the case of Germany, everything surrounding the team was negative and they were eventually eliminated from the World Cup group stage.] He said that

the warm-up match was just a process and that he was confident of winning the Asian Cup in January next year, and also drew the line at the recently associated German coach position.

[Klinsmann/national soccer team coach: If the results of the Asian Cup are not good, you can criticize and fire the coach, and you can handle anything.]

The national soccer team will play friendly matches against Tunisia and Vietnam in October and then play North and Central America in November

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