‘First No-Hitter of the Season’

The MLB Secretariat said on the 16th (Korea Standard Time), “We will impose a fine on a pitcher Blanco who used foreign substances with a 10-game suspension.”

According to MLB.COM, the official MLB website, Blanco initially tried to appeal the disciplinary action, but decided not to after talking to his agent.

Blanco took the mound as a starting pitcher against the Oakland Athletics on the 15th and went scoreless until the third inning.

However, ahead of the fourth inning, the referee examined Blanco’s glove and found that there was a sticky foreign substance on it, so Blanco was sent off.

Blanco said the rosin on his left arm mixed with sweat and went into his glove, making his glove sticky, but the judges refused to accept it.

“I told Blanco that this was not a rosin,” referee director Raj Diaz said.안전놀이터

Houston manager Joe Espada expressed his discomfort, saying, “We will allow this matter to be reviewed again.”

Blanco started the game against the Toronto Blue Jays last month, and was responsible for nine innings alone, completing a no-hitter that gave up no hits and no points at all. He has been active in eight games this season with four wins and a 2.09 ERA.

However, he will be disciplined for the use of foreign substances and will not be able to take the mound for the time being.

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