Fines 53 Million Won

Anthony Edwards, the starting guard of the NBA Minnesota, has been fined $40,000 (about 53 million won) by the league secretariat.

The NBA’s secretariat said, “We will fine Edwards $40,000 for publicly complaining about the decision after the game against the Oklahoma City Thunder on January 30.”

Edwards was determined after the game and criticized the decision, though his team won 107-101 on the road against Oklahoma City.

In a broadcast interview, he complained about the decision, saying, “I will pay the fine. Today’s decision was problematic. We fought eight to five.”

In particular, he strongly complained to the referee that there was an opponent’s foul in the process of dunking with about two minutes left before the end of the game, which was leading by two points.

In the game, Edwards made four free throws, and Oklahoma City ace Shai Gilzus Alexander made 16 free throws.

It was one more than the 15 free throw attempts made by the entire Minnesota team.

Edwards’ annual salary this season is $13,534,817, about 18 billion won in Korean money.안전 토토사이트

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