FindFace service as it begins to innovate its new and more powerful FindFace Cloud API.

Moscow-based N-Tech. Lab Limited announced that the FindFace Cloud API can identify people from 250 million photo databases with a 70% probability by linking them to the company’s existing database.

More than 100 companies are currently testing FindFace Cloud API services, including Diamond Fortune Holdings, the company that founded the $900 million Selena World Resort and Casino in the Primorsky region, according to a cross-headline service from Russian government daily Rosyskaya Gazeta.

“NEC search in a database of 1 million photos takes about 2 seconds, but NTech.Lab Limited’s search algorithm is several times faster,” NTech said.Artem Kukharenko of Lab Limited said.

Cucarenko reportedly said Diamond Fortune Holdings plans to use FindFace Cloud API innovation at its Far East casino to identify suspicious customers or pick out previously visited players. He explained that this is possible even for low-light or camouflage attempts.

“It will be possible to learn their habits and preferences and identify customers who tend to spend more money,” Kukharenko said. He also added that his company’s services can help operators build better relationships with frequent customers.

Russia’s Tinkov Bank, the company’s other currently testing FindFace Cloud API, told Beyond The Headline it hopes to use the service to identify crooks and allow account holders to access its online banking system and use selfies instead of passwords to open accounts or secure loans.

“Once a credit card application is submitted, the system can compare photos of applicants with a database of photos of known fraudsters,” Tinkov Bank told Russia’s Beyond the Headline.


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