‘Exclusive Management’

Field Mentor (co-representative Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Seung-ha), a platform specializing in professional golfer matching and entertainment, announced on the 13th that it held an exclusive management launching ceremony with 22 professional golfers.
The opening ceremony was held at Parktel London Hall in Seoul on the 8th. It was hosted by Kim Min-ah, an announcer from Field Mentor Management. Twenty-two professional golfers, including Kim Hyung-joo and Jeon Ji-seon, as well as affiliated partners, sponsors, and investment companies attended.안전 토토사이트

The opening ceremony was concluded in the order of introduction of the company vision of Kim Ji-hoon, CEO of Field Mentor, Kim Hyun-joon, former CEO of Vuno, Kim Ji-hoon and Lee Seung-ha’s award ceremony, and a course dinner.

Field Mentor started its business in 2021 and has worked with several professional golfers. The launching ceremony has been planned to grow together as a “management” from an “agency” relationship that is simply in charge of recruiting and dispatching.

Co-CEO Kim Ji-hoon said, “We will do our best as a partner to prove the value of professional golfers to the market in the golf business area where negative opinions coexist and change the market while growing together and relying on each other.”

Co-CEO Lee Seung-ha said, “We will not spare any active publicity and support for the continuous growth of our golfers who chose Field Mentor Management, and we will promote the growth of the domestic golf industry together,” adding, “We plan to hold various events such as golf salons, camps, and academies for individual amateur golfers as well as corporate events.”

*Professional golfer from Field Mentor
Kang Deok-gyun, Ahn Geun-young, Yang Soo-jin, Im Mi-so, Lee Ye-seul, Moon Jung-hyun, Lee Sae-ha, Kim Tae-rim, Lee Han-sol, Park So-hyun, Park Mi-ri, Jo Yeon-hee, Park Bom-yi, Ahn Sun-ju, Shin Hye-won, Cho Seo-young, Lee Eun-ji, Choi Na-yeon, Yoon Sung-ah, Kim Ga-hyun, Lee Jung-min, Kang Dana, Yeo Yoon-kyung, Lee Hye-ji, Choi Jae-hee, Hwang Ah-reum, Hong Jin-ju, Kim Hyung-ju, Kim Kyung-min, Jeon Ji-seon

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