‘Eat and Run’… the official announcement by the friendly team “confirmed to break up this summer.”

Corinthians of the Brazilian league announced on its official website on the 28th (Korea Standard Time) that Paulinho was leaving the team. Paulinho has played for Corinthians for three years since 2010. He then returned to Corinthians for two years after ending his overseas career in 2022.

Paulinho, a Brazilian midfielder, once played in Europe. He joined Tottenham in 2013 and successfully advanced to Europe. He was the type to play in the entire midfield based on his brisk activities. He also scores points through instant penetration and strong mid-range shots.

As a result, Tottenham brought in Paulinho by investing 17 million pounds (or 29.5 billion won) for Corinthians. However, his skills were not good enough for a Brazilian player. As a result, Paulinho continued to be sluggish throughout his time as a Tottenham player. At the time, Tottenham fans considered him to be a weak midfielder. Naturally, he was reduced to the “eat and run” of his team.

In the end, Paulinho then joined Guangzhou Hengda in 2015. Then, he showed off his good performance in Guangzhou. As Guangzhou was a team that frequently participated in the Asian Champions League (ACL) at the time, Paulinho became familiar to K-League fans as well.

And Paulinho, who was in China in 2017, surprisingly successfully transferred to FC Barcelona. Although he seemed to end his career on the margins by moving to China, he surprised his fans by joining a big club called Barcelona.토토사이트 추천

However, Paulinho also experienced a setback here. He failed to get a starting job at Barcelona, which was full of outstanding midfielders. He eventually chose to return to Guangzhou on loan after a year, and in 2019, he made a complete transfer to Guangzhou, ending his European career. Afterwards, Paulinho played in Guangzhou until 2021 before playing for Al Ahli in Saudi Arabia for a season. He has also been playing for Corinthians since 2022, opting to break up with Corinthians this summer.

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