Don’t let me know about my dizziness?’ Why did Sutton hide it

Ahead of the match between Lotte and SSG, which was scheduled to be held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 17th, rumors of Lotte’s head coach Larry Sutton’s health problems came to mind online.

Sutton appeared to be fine during a briefing with reporters before the game. “Where did you hear that?” he said. “Don’t believe everything that’s posted on the Internet. It didn’t collapse. “I went to the hospital in the morning, but I went to check it for a health checkup,” he said. He reportedly dismissed rumors of his health problems with a firm tone.

However, an hour before the game began, KBO said, “Coach Sutton will miss the game today (17th) due to dizziness. Lotte’s senior coach Lee Jong-woon will take over as acting coach on behalf of Sutton, he said. The club explained, “I had a hospital checkup in the morning and came to the baseball stadium in the afternoon, but I had dizziness after the briefing, so I decided to take a break after consulting with the training part.

In fact, Sutton’s health abnormalities were not wrong. The visit to the hospital in the morning was to have a planned medical checkup, but it was also true that he felt dizzy.

Last year, Sutton failed to lead the game due to two conditions. Coach Moon Kyu-hyun, then head coach, ran the game because he failed to play on May 11 and June 11. However, this is the first time he has been absent after briefing. Sutton does not appear to have wanted to make his physical condition known.

Then why did Sutton try to hide his condition and play in the game. It is also linked to the current team’s situation of the team.

Lotte is fighting to advance to the semifinals. As of the 17th, the gap has been narrowed by 0.5 games with fifth-ranked KIA. The head coach cannot be away at a time when he has to concentrate.

The position of a professional baseball coach cannot avoid stress. He is exposed to extreme stress as he is responsible for the results. Until now, professional baseball coaches have often ruined their health due to stress.

In addition, Sutton is expected to have a lot of stress on his current position.

Sutton, who renewed his ties with Korean baseball as Lotte’s second-tier coach, took over the position when former coach Huh Moon-hoe left the team in May 2021. And this is Sutton’s last year. Depending on this year’s performance, the direction of the renewal will change.

Lotte has made significant investments in the off-season this year. He signed the club’s first long-term contract with native starter Park Se-woong, and spent 17 billion won by recruiting Yoo Kang-nam, Noh Jin-hyuk, and Han Hyun-hee as free agent (FA) contracts. In order to increase the number of players released, a large number of players were recruited. This is why Lotte’s goal this season cannot be just to advance to autumn baseball. 안전놀이터

In addition, there are few cases where foreign coaches have renewed their contracts. Royster, who sparked Lotte’s “No-Fear” craze, also only signed a one-year contract extension after the 2009 season. In the past, foreign coaches were “autumn baseball contractors,” but recently, they have not felt any special merit for foreign coaches. At the beginning of the season, Hanwha manager Carlos Subero was replaced.

In addition, the coach’s position is not so great in the baseball world that there is a “sense” of replacing Sutton. At the end of June, coach Bae Young-soo went down to the second division, revealing his internal feud with the coach. Sutton’s stress deserves to be extreme.

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