Director Kim Sang-sik said, “I have nothing to say, I can’t play like this.”

Post-match interview with the head of the articles of association, Kim Sang-sik

If you look back on the game
“I have nothing to say. Whether the players do well or not, it is the coach’s responsibility. I should sing it again, but I am sorry to the fans even for saying this. It is all my responsibility. I don’t want to say anything to the players.

I lost the rebound fight (31-43)
“I keep ordering. I’ve been completely behind in my determination as well. There’s nothing I can win at all. I don’t think I can do it with this kind of performance.

Interview after Samsung’s acting head coach Kim Hyo-beom’s game

How do you feel about a complete victory
I’m happy that I won the last game before the break. I’ll maintain this momentum well and establish things to set up, and prepare for the remaining games to be completed.

The driving force behind the outside success rate (5/19, 26%) of the Articles of Incorporation?
The players held their hands up and did a good job of checking until the end. From the main player to the 12th player, all of them did so.

Braking Preparations
I will prepare to do better things that I am doing well. In particular, more active defense should come out.

What’s the reason for the rise in February?
The players are waking up from the sense of defeat. It’s hard because the game is also fluttering, but the will to overcome it is great.


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