Despite various unfavorable factors, the match against Thailand is “sold out.”

Our national soccer team clashed with Jordan a day before the semifinals of the Asian Cup due to a conflict over whether they could play table tennis.

The aftermath has continued until now, causing us to think about how to resolve the internal strife in the national team, but this time the controversy over playing cards has arisen. 스포츠토토

It was revealed that some players and staff gathered in one place and played card games during a training camp in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, in January just before the Asian Cup.

The problem is, whether it’s small or large, I bet on the game.

The Korea Football Association explained, “It was part of a ‘game’ where you pay between 1,000 won and 5,000 won like a bet to hit the goalposts that you often do during a call-up training,” adding, “It was difficult to see it as a gamble because it was at the level of betting on drinks.”

However, the player support staff took a “casino chip” and conducted a fact-finding investigation on the part they hung out together in the player-only lounge, and the employee was relieved of his position for now.

As internal problems surrounding the national team continue to emerge, distrust toward the Korea Football Association is building up.

Nevertheless, fans’ interest and support for the national team are not cooling down.

A week later, tickets for the national soccer team’s World Cup qualifying match against Thailand were sold out on the day of general reservation.

However, it is now turning into a question about the way the Korea Football Association operates the national team, which had been in and out of Lee Kang-in’s selection of the national team that caused the conflict.

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