Courts clamp down on illegal gambling in Alabama

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall waved the flag of victory after the Jefferson County Circuit ruled against a company accused of offering illegal online gift card games to Alabama-based players.

The Jefferson County Circuit has criticized online gambling website Readybiz, which is accused of targeting Alabama players by providing them with computer software that includes illegal slot games that “masked” as legitimate games.

Alabama’s legal framework strictly and clearly outlaws the operation of slot machines across the state. As a result, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and Jefferson County District Attorney Tem Danny Carr hunted down violators and handed the case over to court when they learned about the illegal slot game.

The court ruled on August 14 that the sweep game in question was actually a “under the veil” slot game, which resulted in the seizure of all machines hosting illegal software, and the money generated from illegal games being seized and added to the state’s general fund.

Mr. Marshall wrote a letter to a company known to run an online gambling site, accepting Alabama residents, and even targeting them. The letter was aimed at warning the company to stop offering illegal games through its website ReadyBiz in Alabama by early September. After conducting a survey on the website, Mr. Marshall reported that the website still provides unlimited access to a full range of games.

In an interview with Mr Marshall, he explained that he would not compromise with any rule violations because it was his job to protect and serve the interests of the people. Jefferson County District Attorney Pro Tem Carr added that the crackdown on online gambling sites aims to ensure that Alabama people do not suffer significant financial losses, and to set an example for everyone else considering breaking the law.

This is a significant sign that we are not considering any changes to the current fairly strict gambling laws. It prohibits the distribution of all games inherent in the casino industry, including slot games, blackjacks, poker, and roulette.

Experts feared that strict regulations could provide favorable conditions for the development of illegal gambling practices and seek new ways to evade the law. On the other hand, this will lead to a significant outflow of money that fills the pockets of criminals, not the national coffers.


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