Corporation announced February 26 it is commencing construction of a major expansion of its Aurora Casino.

The expansion includes the construction of a new dockside casino, a new restaurant and entertainment lounge, and the expansion of the property’s existing buffet. The Company expects to be under construction by the end of the week, with the expansion scheduled to open in the summer of 2002. The total cost of the project is approximately $75 million, which will be funded from the Company’s existing cash balances.

The cornerstone of the Company’s Aurora expansion is the development of a new 95,000 square foot floating barge. The new barge will be connected to the property’s existing pavilion in a seamless manner, providing a land-based feel for the property. The first floor of the barge will contain 53,000 square feet of gaming space. The dockside casino will replace the property’s existing riverboats, which offer 29,500 square feet of gaming space spread out on eight floors of the two boats. The new dockside casino will have a luxurious and richly appointed interior, and will feature a dramatic forty-one foot atrium in the center of the casino. 파워볼실시간

The new dockside casino has been meticulously designed to be the most comfortable and highest quality gaming facility in the Chicago marketplace. The new dockside casino will dramatically increase the passenger capacity and customer appeal of the Aurora casino. The passenger capacity for the new dockside casino will be 3,900, which is more than double the 1,875 total passengers that can currently be served by Aurora’s two existing riverboats. The Aurora Casino has historically been operating with effectively less capacity than its competitors in the Chicago market due to the small size and relative unattractiveness of one of its two existing riverboat casinos. Aurora’s small riverboat offers 9,950 square feet of gaming space on four floors. The comfort and spaciousness of the small riverboat is also restrained by its low ceiling heights, which average approximately nine feet.

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