Commitment to overcome ‘physical problems’ Seonwoo Hwang “I will show ‘superhuman strength’ at the Asian Games”

Korean swimmer Hwang Seon-woo (Gangwon Special Self-Governing Province) announced that he would achieve good results by using ‘superhuman strength’ at the upcoming Asian Games in Hangzhou.

Major athletes who completed the 2023 World Aquatics Championships in Fukuoka, including Hwang Seon-woo, conveyed their feelings of finishing the competition and their determination ahead of the Hangzhou Asian Games at the Korea Swimming Federation Media Day held at the Olympic Parktel in Seoul on the 2nd.

Hwang Seon-woo won the bronze medal in the 200m freestyle at this event with a new Korean record of 1:44:42, becoming the first Korean swimmer to win two consecutive medals at the World Swimming Championships. He also set a new Korean record of 7:04:07 in the men’s 800m relay with his teammates. Seon-woo said, “With a new Korean record and a bronze medal, the future of Korean swimming is bright. It is a satisfactory competition.”

On the other hand, it is also a competition that confirmed the regrets and limitations.

Hwang Seon-woo won the bronze medal in the 200m freestyle, but after that, due to a failure to manage his condition, he showed a physical struggle in the 100m freestyle, and in the 800m freestyle relay, he had a cold and was unable to demonstrate his skills.

Hwang Seon-woo said, “I focus on all competitions, but I pay more attention to the 200m freestyle and put all my energy into it, so the next day was definitely difficult.” revealed its meaning.

Unlike the 200m freestyle, 100m freestyle, and 800m relay races at the World Championships, at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the 100m freestyle is held first, followed by the main event, the 200m freestyle, three days later.

Regarding this, Hwang Seon-woo said, “It’s not bad to do the 100m freestyle first. The 100m is a short distance, so there is no overload. However, there are about 4 team events in between, so it is a burden to digest the schedule.” Confessed.

Then, he said, “So, we plan to increase the intensity of physical training. In the Asian Games, we will demonstrate superhuman strength and prepare to digest well in both individual events and team events.”

Lee Ho-joon, who was seated together, is also one of the stars that this competition gave birth to. Lee Ho-jun was a player who only competed in the relay race a year ago, but in Fukuoka, he advanced to the finals in the individual event, the 200m freestyle, and set a milestone with Hwang Sun-woo as the first two people to advance to the world championship finals in Korean swimming history.

Lee Ho-joon, who was close to being unknown, prepared a turning point in overseas field training twice last year and became a completely different player with this inflection point.

Lee Ho-jun said, “I learned a lot by watching how Australian players and coaches treat swimming and how they practiced during the off-season training.”

Then, he explained that changing his mindset led to a big change, saying, “In the past, I focused on each result and was happy, but since last year, I didn’t care about the performance of a tournament and thought it was a process. Then, it led to shortened records and good grades.” .

Kim Woo-min, a “long-distance strongman” who advanced his best records in all events he participated in, including the 400m freestyle, 800m, and 800m relay race, said, “I am satisfied with the results as much as I prepared well. Through this competition, my speed and stamina have improved a lot. I want to do better,” he said.

As much as he advanced the world championship record, Kim Woo-min is also a strong gold medal candidate in the Asian Games. Kim Woo-min proudly said, “My goal is to win 4 crowns. I will work harder to achieve that dream.”

Kim Yeong-taek (Jeju Special Self-Governing Province), who advanced to the final stage in the men’s diving 10m platform and won the right to participate in the Paris Olympics, said, “I feel good to come back after performing well. I will make use of this experience to show better performance in the Asian Games and Olympics in the future. I will,” he said.

Even at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics held two years ago, he made a mistake out of nervousness and failed to score high. He narrowly made it to the semi-finals, but failed to advance to the finals by placing 15th. But now, he has grown so much that he can confidently rise to the finals.

He laughed, saying, “In the meantime, when I went to big competitions such as the 2019 World Championships or the Tokyo Olympics, it was not good because I was nervous. However, the results of this competition completely erased those memories.”

Artistic swimming has also advanced. In this competition, Lee Ri-yeong (Busan Swimming Federation) and Heo Yoon-seo (Apgujeong High School) achieved the results of finishing 9th in the solo technical final and 6th in the solo free final, respectively.

Although they did not make it to the finals in duet, an Asian Games event, expectations are high in duet, where they will work together as they each achieved meaningful results in solo.

The two shared their thoughts, “We confirmed the possibility of medaling in the Asian Games. We will prepare for the rest of the season by matching our breathing well.”

In Artistic Swimming, the scoring rules have recently changed, such as focusing on the accuracy of movements. This World Championship was the first international competition held after the rules were changed, and the two players predicted that this change would have a positive effect on Korean artistic swimming.바카라사이트

Lee Ri-young said, “At this tournament, the country that placed 12th in the preliminaries advanced to the final and took first place. There are so many variables, and in the end, it will work in our favor.”

Heo Yoon-seo also said, “The artistic part is important, but it is also an important factor (to obtain points) to implement accurate movements according to the difficulty level.”

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