Clarkson has nothing but respect for Chot Reyes

Jordan Clarkson has nothing but respect for Gilas Philippine coach Chot Reyes, who announced after the Philippines thrashed China 96-75.

“I mean, I can start with one word, respect. Like you said, he didn’t apply for this job. He didn’t do that, he was chosen, and you know, he’s betting everything. As he said, for his family and his country,” Clarkson told media officials shortly after Gillas closed the 2023 FIFA World Cup with a 21-point victory over China on Saturday night.

Reyes may have been the most vicious person in the World Cup after failing to lead Gillas to Asia’s only automatic berth at the 2024 Paris Olympics, but the Utah jazz superstar believes the 60-year-old Filipino coach did “well.”

You know, he’s done a good job rallying us all in the short time we’ve been together, and he’s been trying to get things back as soon as possible,” highlighted the NBA’s sixth man of the year in 2021.

“I was just greatly respected by him. I’ve talked to him since I was a kid and we waited for the opportunity to get together, and you know, playing games, doing this for a while. All I’ve received is respect for him and (I) take off my hat for him. That’s what he decided today, but it’s all love.”

Clarkson finished his World Cup period with a 34-point explosion, and Gilas knocked down five 3-pointers that could drag down and crush China on the final day of the classification round.

The Philippines finished 24th in the World Cup based on the rankings announced by the FIBA after Saturday’s match.

The victory also saw the Philippines lose nine consecutive World Cups since the 2019 tournament in Foshan, China.


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