Kim Jong-hae, Chairman of the Corporation, giving a briefing.

Changwon Facilities Corporation, an affiliated organization of Changwon City, Gyeongsangnam-do, announced on the 1st that it is promoting comprehensive measures to prevent various safety accidents. The Corporation prepared measures after three safety accidents, including two fatal accidents, occurred one after another every month from November of last year to last month at the sports center operated by the Corporation .The corporation decided to promote a total of 69 safety management strengthening measures in each field, including safety management/reporting, human resources management, and safety management system. These measures include strengthening safety training for employees, improving facilities to reflect the characteristics of customers, and strengthening facility monitoring and inspection. In addition, in order to respond quickly if a safety accident occurs within the swimming pool, we plan to install safety bells in the swimming pool and provide portable walkie-talkies to safety personnel so that the swimming pool and office can respond immediately.

We also plan to reinforce professional manpower to improve swimming pool water quality .Corporation Chairman Kim Jong-hae said, “In the new year, we will strive to further strengthen the safety management system so that citizens can use the facilities in a safer environment. ”At the Masan Baseball Center Olympic Swimming Pool, operated by the corporation, an accident occurred on the 4th of last month when a piece of ceiling concrete fell onto the swimming pool. The corporation believes that the accident occurred because the building in question is an old facility celebrating its 32nd anniversary this year, and is investigating the exact cause .In November and December of last year, two people died while swimming at the Citizens’ Life Gymnasium and Naeseo Sports Center swimming pools, respectively .Last October, larvae were discovered at the Changwon Indoor Swimming Pool and it was closed for a while. The city has formed a task force separate from the comprehensive safety management measures prepared by the Corporation and is currently establishing measures 온라인카지노 such as strengthening safety management.

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