Casino employees will not be allowed to enter any gambling facilities when they are off duty.

The measure will be discussed during a month-long public consultation that the government begins today and ends on October 26.

Paulo Martins-Chan, director of game inspection and coordination, presented the proposal as a point of discussion at a press conference on Tuesday, saying the current law protects ordinary people, not directly involved in casino games, including card dealers and casino employees.

The survey found that casino dealers suffering from gambling problems were constantly increasing, and gave a good reason for this trend, emphasizing that dealers and croupiers thought they knew better about the game. It has become clear that the ban on off-duty casino employees will only target employees who have direct contact with casinos or games, not the entire casino staff. More precisely, table game supervisors, casinos, cash managers, excessive traders among illegal traders, getting into the frame of illegal traders.

Apart from casino employees, it is interesting to note that people under the age of 21 should be fined immediately if caught red-handed, offenders should be fined 1,000 to 10,000 won, gambling facilities should be fined 15 days, and Macau’s minimum gambling age increased from 2012 to 18.

a flaw in the current law
Under the current gambling law, casino employees are not allowed to gamble in their owners’ casino facilities, enter other gambling complexes, and if passed, the loophole will be closed, all casino employees except administrative staff, food workers, security guards, and attendants will be exempt from entering the casino floor.


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