CA$14M Playtime Casino Mission Promises Job, Family-Friendly Offerings

Gateway Casino & Entertainment’s British Columbia-wide expansion continues to the next level, as confirmed by casino operators. The mission will be treated as the existing chance mission is about to be relocated and rebranded. Playtime Casino Mission will invite local residents to be family friendly and experience the game in a new complex managed by the leading operator.

Gateway Casino confirmed its investment in the new gaming project would reach around C$14 million, ranking it among the smaller casino complexes overseen by Playtime Casino Mission. The current mission also has a chance mission game room that provides a relatively smaller place. This week the Mission Regional Chamber of Commerce saw a luncheon inviting a party to talk about the topic.

The British Columbia Lottery Company has had frank talks with Gateway Casino and local officials about future game venues. Chance missions offer up to 15,000 square feet of gambling opportunities, which do not promote more gatherings and more customers entering the gaming arena. In addition, Chance Mission currently employs 38 people.

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The new gambling house could boost the local job market by providing job opportunities to a larger number of local residents. The wider venue also means more slot machines ready to shower players with huge amounts of cash. These extensions require relocation to enable and profitable projects. Playtime Casino Mission’s new address will be Len Street and Rugged Highway, part of Outlook Village development.

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Gateway Casino decided that the Playtime brand was best suited for the host community because it was a more casual brand focused on family-friendly offerings as well as games available on the premises. The new construction site will enable casino operators to provide more gaming opportunities and better dining experiences to local residents.

MATCH restaurants, public houses, and missions
The Playtime Casino Mission will span more than 30,000 square feet of space, an extension that will double existing property. We will also increase the number of employees to 100. Gateway Casino wanted locals to trust the brand and quell all problem gambling concerns. Playtime is known as a casino brand that balances gaming activities closer to people and quality time spent with people close to them.

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The new location will introduce locals to the buffet and MATCH Eatrey and Public House, the gateway’s signature meal offering. The latter will also accommodate live performances and stand-up comedy shows. For the time being, on-site gaming opportunities are not fixed, meaning they can only include slot machines and table games, or slot machines. 온라인카지노

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It will be the second Playtime Casino in British Columbia. Playtime Casino Kelowna underwent a rebranding at Lake City Casino in early 2018. An investment of C$3.6 million led to the construction of two restaurants, signed by the casino operator, and some changes to the casino floor. 270 people were employed as a result of the casino expansion.

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