Battleground Appears at Saudi Arabia’s ‘E-Sports World Cup’

Battleground Appears at Saudi Arabia’s ‘E-Sports World Cup’

Krafton’s survival shooting game ‘PUBG: Battlegrounds’ (hereinafter referred to as PUBG)

has been selected as an official event for the eSports World Cup to be held in Riyadh,

the capital of Saudi Arabia, this summer.

On the 28th, the organizers of the e-Sports World Cup announced through their official SNS account,

“PUBG will join the e-Sports World Cup.” 온라인카지노사이트

On the 2nd, Krafton revealed the 2024 PUBG e-Sports competition schedule and announced that it will hold a new international competition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia this year.

The essence of the competition was joining the eSports World Cup.

Looking at the schedule at the time, it is assumed that the e-Sports World Cup will be held in July, as July was left blank.

Krafton plans to announce detailed plans,

such as the competition format and specific schedule, separately at a later date.

The Saudi e-Sports World Cup is an international e-sports competition held by the Saudi government.

It is an expanded version of the ‘Gamers 8’ competition that was held from 2022 to last year.

As Gamers 8 became a hot topic last year with a total prize money of $45 million (approximately KRW 60 billion),

the scale of the eSports World Cup is expected to be beyond imagination.

Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced in a statement released in October last year that the e-Sports World Cup

will be held in the capital Riyadh every year starting this year.

He also added that “world-famous games will be included.”

As he declared, globally popular games are joining the e-Sports World Cup one after another.

There are a total of 7 games known to date: ‘StarCraft 2’, ‘Glory of the Prince’, ‘Dota 2’

‘Counter-Strike 2’, ‘Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’, ‘Free Fire’, and PUBG.

Saudi Arabia has been pursuing the ‘Vision 2030 Strategy’ to break away from dependence on oil resources since 2016.

As part of this strategy, the company has continued to actively invest in games and e-sports.

Accordingly, attention is focused on whether the eSports World Cup

can become a large-scale international event like the soccer World Cup with Saudi Arabia’s full support.

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