Baek Ji-min of Yongsan High School had a team meeting after the defeat

Yongsan High School finished the tournament 59-71 against Kyungbok High School in the quarterfinals of the men’s high school division at the 61st National Men’s and Women’s and Middle and High School Basketball Federation Haenam Stadium in Haenam-gun, Jeollanam-do on the 14th.

The showdown between the two teams, which have long been rivals of high school basketball, is still the game that draws the most attention. The competition was fierce in the first quarter, but the game turned sharply to Kyungbok. Having maintained its defense, Yongsan High School started its pursuit of the second half, but eventually bowed its head to Kyungbok’s three-point shot at the right place. Loss by 12 points. Exactly the difference in three-point shots between the two teams determined the outcome. In the match, Kyungbok scored nine three-pointers and Yongsan High School successfully made five three-pointers.

After the game, Baek Ji-min (187 cm, G.F.), a third grader at Yongsan High School, looked disappointed and disappointed. He played all 40 minutes as a starter, scoring eight points, five rebounds, eight assists, and three steals.

Baek said, “There were many mistakes and no shots were made. We have to play defense to solve the game. However, he made an error while chasing after defense and gave up a three-point shot to his opponent. Those things went wrong,” Baek said in the final game of the championship.

After the game, Yongsan High School stayed on the court for a long meeting. “We looked back on what we lacked in ourselves. Coach Lee Se-beom also explained the direction in which we should lead our team from this tournament and this defeat,” Baek said.

Yongsan High School, which always wants to win and win. However, like the first championship in 2023, Yongsan High School again failed to win the championship in the Spring League. Yongsan High School also bowed its head after losing to Jeonju High School in the semifinals. Jeonju High School, which passed Yongsan High School, finished the competition with a victory.

Baek Ji-min said, “Last year also had a bad start, but I finished it well and finished it well. Although this year also has a bad start, I will prepare well for the rest of the tournament in time with my teammates.”

The awkward quarterfinals for them, Yongsan High School is aiming for the next tournament.


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