“As soon as the Korean national team writes a new history, we will unveil a uniform that will add more powerful energy.”

According to Nike’s explanation, the uniform is equipped with Nike’s “Dri-FIT ADV,” a progressive technology designed to help players show their best performances on the ground. With the design inspired by traditional Korean art and craftsmanship, it is expected to inspire a new generation of soccer.

The newly unveiled national team’s 2024 home uniform takes a hint from the beauty and strength of Korea’s traditional architectural art.

The red color, the symbol of Korean soccer, permeated into a new pattern, and the balance beauty was further emphasized by placing a double border on the collar and sleeve that reminds them of the “dancheong pattern.” The collar was engraved with a tiger-inspired claw mark to express the dignity and fierceness of the Korean national soccer team players.

The lacquerware was reinterpreted in the away uniform. The away uniform, which symbolizes the combination of tradition and progress, reflects Korea’s outstanding craftsmanship and emphasizes Korea’s sense and technique on the global stage.

The contrast between dark black and shiny pearl-colored digital patterns shows the beauty of Korea, which places importance on harmony. Tiger’s claws were engraved on the collar of the away uniform just like the home uniform.

The announcement event for the new national team uniform was planned to be made public on top of the national team’s schedule that was convened on Wednesday. However, this event has never happened due to the current mood of the national team.

“We will engage in the training in a quietest atmosphere possible with the meaning of self-reflection and determination of the team,” said an official from the Korea Football Association (KFA) who met at the training site on Wednesday. According to the official, the new uniforms will be worn by players on the day of the game on Monday, and the open training, where fans and players meet, will not be held this time. The training will be held completely behind closed doors on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, the 2024 South Korean men’s national soccer team uniforms will be available at Nike Dotcom, Nike apps, and major retail stores from the 27th. 토토사이트

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