Arsenal DF confesses shock “I don’t want to get close” to fellow striker

Ben White, a defender for Arsenal of the English Premier League, was called up to the England national team last month but did not accept.

White anchored the Gunners’ defense with his trademark clever defense and accurate passing, and England manager Gareth Southgate named him to the squad. However, he declined the call-up. White had already been dropped from the England squad for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

White’s refusal to join the squad stems from a conflict with coach Steve Holland. During the World Cup in Qatar, he was verbally abused by Holland, and now he”s refusing to join the team.

This time, it’s Ben White sniping at his own teammate. “There’s a teammate at Arsenal I don’t want to be near,” he said, according to a recent report by the Mirror.

Ben White admitted that he doesn’t always enjoy training with Gabriel Martinelli at Arsenal and revealed that there are “unwritten rules” on the training ground.

The versatile right-back talked about how the Gunners manage to keep each other’s good qualities and perform well. Arsenal are currently in contention for the Premier League and Champions League titles.

Arsenal, currently in a three-way tie for the title with Liverpool and Manchester City, hasn’t won the Premier League since 2004. They have never won the Champions League. They reached the quarterfinals this season and drew 2-2 at home with Bayern Munich in the first leg. It was Ben White who assisted on the opening goal by Xherdan Shaqiri. The semifinals will be played on April 18, depending 안전놀이터 on the result of the away leg.

However, while Ben White is enjoying his partnership with Saka, he has a teammate who is not. Gabriel Martinelli, who leads the attack on the other side of the field.

“We train every day and he’s my opponent,” White told the club’s website, “and to be honest, most of the time I don’t want to get too close to him. But at the same time, we have to stay competitive, so we have to do it.”

Of course, White adds that he repeats these drills to win the next match and doesn’t want to get close to his opponent, Martinelli, but once the drills are over, everything stops, which means they become close teammates when they go back to work. It”s a training exercise, so he tries to keep his distance from Martinelli.

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