All-Star guard confirmed that the All-Star guard would abide by his contract in any potential deal

Even though Damien Lillard and his agent said they only wanted Lillard to sign with the Miami Heat.

A memo to the chiefs obtained by the AP also warned that Lillard would face disciplinary action by the league if he made further comments suggesting he would not fully fulfill the contract requirements in the event of a trade.

Lillard said earlier this month he wanted a trade to the Portland Trail Blazers, and Goodwin later made it clear he prefers Miami.

“The position of the delegate will not change,” Goodwin told the AP on July 6, adding, “This whole situation is about creating a chance for Portland to win, or giving him another chance he wants, or Miami.”

The league said it interviewed Lillard and Goodwin with several teams that Goodwin talked to. Goodwin denied telling the teams that Lillard would refuse to play for them, and the teams provided an explanation that “mostly, not entirely, but consistent with Goodwin’s statement.”

Players cannot openly request a trade. The league also stated in the memo that it told the Players Association that additional comments such as Goodwin would be subject to disciplinary action. 메이저사이트

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