Ajax plan Erik ten hach’s return.

“Ajax is working on a new list of candidates for managerial management. This includes the name of Manchester United manager Ten Hag. Ajax is also planning to give compensation to Manchester United to bring back Ten Hag who has not yet finished his contract period.” 스포츠토토

Ajax was the place where coach Ten Hag announced his heyday as a leader. Ten Hag led Ajax to the third consecutive Dutch league championship and advanced to the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League in 2019. Frankie the Dragon, Matthijs the Licht and Lisandro Martinez, who were coached by Ten Hag at the time, all became world-class players.

This season, Ajax has slowed down to fifth place in the league. Its status as the Netherlands’ most prestigious team has been shaken.

He tries to find a breakthrough by changing the coach. Rather than a completely new coach, he wants a leader who knows Ajax well and has experience winning. That’s why he pointed out Ten Hag, who has an unstable position in Manchester United.

“Manchester United’s Ratcliffe is already looking for a replacement for Ten Hag,” said the Mirror. “He will be dismissed if his chances of advancing to the European Champions League at the end of the season disappear completely.”

United have yet to lift any trophy this season. It remains sixth in the Premier League.

To play in the European Champions League, which was set by Rat Cliff as the owner of the team, he needs to be in the top four in the league. Manchester United has an eight-point gap with Aston Villa in fourth place. As the team enters the second half of the season, it is not easy to come from behind as there are not many games left.

There are complaints about Ten Hag inside the Manchester United squad. Jadon Sancho was transferred semi-compulsory by openly protesting, and not a few players complain about Ten Hag’s coercive training attitude.

Antony, who brought in a large amount of money under the influence of coach Ten Hach, is experiencing a prolonged slump. As time went by, more and more people called for the replacement of coach Ten Hach.

Ratcliffe, the owner of the team, believes that it is essential to replace the coach in order to raise Manchester United’s status. He has not made an immediate decision, but trust in coach Ten Hag is at the bottom. Ajax is aiming for this gap.

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