Korean Go’s “absolute number one” Shin Shin-seo (23) 9-dan has built another golden tower. On Jan. 3, Shin Shin-seo defeated Kim Eun-ji (16) in 213 moves in the loser’s bracket of the fourth round of the 46th SG Bar Hankook Daily Masters at K-Baduk Studio in Pangyo, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do. With his first win of the year over Lee Ji-hyun, 9th dan, in the round of 32 of the 24th Maxim Coffee Cup Ipsin Final on January 2, Shin now has 100 wins and 12 losses this season with a winning percentage of 89.86%.

He is the first 토토 player to reach 100 wins in a year in professional Go since the inception of the Korea Go Organization in 1954.The previous annual record was 94 wins (46 losses, 67.14% win rate) set last year by Kim Eun-ji 7th dan. Shin has been a consistent performer in domestic and international tournaments, winning the Ng Sibae, dubbed the “Go Olympics,” this year, and winning gold in the team event and bronze in the individual event at the Hangzhou Asian Games.

“There were so many tournaments this year that I was able to reach 100 wins,” he said, “and although I’m disappointed with my performance, I think it’s meaningful just to reach 100 wins.” “There are still many important tournaments to come, and I will do my best to perform as well as possible,” he said .It will be interesting to see if Shin can break the annual winning percentage for the rest of the year and reach the ‘dream win rate’ of 90%.The highest annual win rate in domestic go is 88.37%, set by Shin in 2020.

Shin will attempt to reach the 90 percent annual win rate at the Samsung Hwaseong World Go Masters, LG Go, and China Go League, which begins on April 16.Meanwhile, women’s No. 2 Kim Eun-ji lost on the day, but she is on pace to follow in Shin’s footsteps and reach 100 wins this year with 92 wins and 45 losses for a 67.15 percent winning percentage.

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