99.9%” The results of the new trial in the exhibition game revealed by KBO

New regulations that the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) professional league is trying to implement from 2024 have shown some results through exhibition games.
On the 13th, KBO announced the official operation of the automatic pitching judgment system (ABS) during the 2024 season exhibition game and the results of the pilot operation of Peach Clock through its official social network channels.

According to the announcement, ABS showed a 99.9% success rate in tracking pitches during the 19 exhibition games that lasted until the 12th, and KBO expected to contribute to providing an environment where players and fans can fully focus on their performance, not other factors such as judgment issues.

In some cases of pitch tracking failure, it was introduced that there were cases where relay wire cameras violated the tracking range while moving and the pitch tracking failed.

In addition, considering the difficulty of successful tracking due to sudden weather changes and other unavoidable reasons during the season, he promised that he would thoroughly prepare a manual to respond to a failure in tracking and continue to train referees and ABS operators to make all preparations to prevent any negative impact on the game’s progress in the event of failure.

Regarding the pitch clock, which is being piloted to provide fans with thrilling games due to unnecessary time delay minimization, a total of 85 violations (warnings) were reported in 19 games and an average of 4.5 violations per game.
Of these, 38 cases were violated by pitchers, one by catcher, and 46 by batters, with 39 cases occurring the most on the first day of the exhibition game. However, thanks to the team’s efforts to adapt to the regulations, the number of violations has been decreasing over time, including 21 on the second day, 16 on the third day, and 9 on the fourth day.

The average time of 19 games held during the Pitch Clock trial period was 2 hours and 35 minutes, which was about 23 minutes shorter than the average time of 20 exhibition games last year, 2 hours and 58 minutes.

Currently, pitch clock is being used at a level that helps players adapt as it is a pilot operation, and sanctions due to the absence are not applied and restrictions on the departure of pitching boards are not applied.

In this regard, KBO announced that it will decide when to officially introduce it as soon as possible by combining various related statistics, fans’ preferences, and on-site opinions. 먹튀검증

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