6 million Canadian dollars in the lottery, is fighting a legal battle with his ex-girlfriend over the money.

He has decided to investigate such disputes and start another legal battle against local agencies engaged in regulating Ontario Lottery and Game Companies (OLG). 안전한 파워볼사이트

The Lotto winner is suing the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission (AGCO) for damages of C$825,000 after 50 percent of his Lotto 6/49 winnings were shelved by regulators after Tivo’s rejected ex-girlfriend claimed she had rights to half the winnings.

The man is seeking damages worth C$250,000 from AGCO, accusing the Ontario Commission of proving culpable at the time of the investigation of breach of trust obligations, breach of statutory obligations and unfair interference in contractual relationships. It is also seeking punitive damages, estimated at C$500,000, and special damages, another C$75,000. Maurice Thibaut also insisted she pay back the costs of a court fight with her ex-girlfriend and the court taxes from the lawsuit filed against AGCO.

Legal action against local regulators was confirmed by Thibaut’s lawyer, Richard Pollack.

My ex-girlfriend wants half the top
For the time being, some of the statements in the claims were not substantiated in court, but the £6m winner accused AGCO of not conducting a proper and in-depth investigation. It also argues that potential evidence has not been properly collected or analyzed by regulators.

Earlier, the state government reported that Ontario’s Liquor and Gaming Commission had been asked to comment on the matter, but regulators did not respond. Mr Thibaut’s lawyer says he has not received a statement of defense against a third-party claim filed against a local regulator.

As mentioned earlier, the dispute between the parties began on September 20, 2017, when Thibaut’s ex-girlfriend Dennis Robertson claimed he had the right to 50% of the Lotto 6.49 winnings, as the two regularly bought them together and had an understanding to share potential wins long before the jackpot. But Thibaut denies the claim that such an understanding has never existed.

The man received half of his CA$6.1 million prize money after an OLG investigation into the matter was conducted in January 2018. The remainder of the prize money is still pending the outcome of the ex-wife’s legal battle.

Some of Mr Robertson’s claims in the original legal challenge made in February 2018 have yet to be tested in court. According to her version of the story, one day she had to return home from work to find out that her boyfriend had left each other’s house at the time. Ms. Robertson also claims that Thibaut previously told her that their lottery tickets were lost.

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