4th Dream Tour after a neck-and-neck race

Hwang Yeon-seo won the final second round of the tournament at Muan Country Club (par 72) in Muan, Jeollanam-do on the 9th after playing overtime with Shim Ji-yeon (23).

Hwang Yeon-seo, who recorded 6 under par in the first round the previous day, reduced 4 strokes on the day to tie Shim Ji-yeon with a final total of 10 under par 134.

In the first extension at the 18th hole (par 5), Hwang Yeon-seo succeeded in a 7-meter birdie putt to beat Shim Ji-yeon, who recorded par.

As a result, Hwang achieved two wins in about two years since winning in August 2022.

Hwang Yeon-seo, who joined the KLPGA as a full member in June 2021, took the stage of the KLPGA Tour in the 2023 season but failed to secure the seed due to a back injury.

Hwang Yeon-seo said, “I was injured last season and I am sorry that I had difficulty adjusting to the regular tour course,” adding, “I prepared hard by increasing the amount of exercise to prevent recurrence of injuries ahead of this season.”메이저사이트

“I want to secure the seed for the regular tour by adding one more win in the dream tour. If I advance to the regular tour, I want to develop my slugging and putt skills to become a player with both power and delicacy,” he added.

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