3x weekly wage increase , 6 years ‘long-term contract’ preparation

Manchester City are preparing to renew their contract with Oscar Bob.

British media “Team Talk” reported, “Man City is preparing to sign a new pledge with Barb.”

It is one of the ‘promising’ Manchester City expect. He is from Norway and is not very physical, but he is a striker who combines soft movements, anomalous dribbles, activism and aggression. The right winger is the main position, but he is versatile enough to play the position before the attack.

After growing up in his own league, he moved to Manchester City Youth in 2019. On the youth stage, it literally flew around. Having entered Premier League 2 at the age of 18 in the 2021-22 season, he showed extraordinary talent by scoring seven goals and 10 assists in 26 games. He also boasted a solid position in the 2022-23 season and scored eight goals and 18 assists in 35 games, including the Cup, proving that there is no one on the youth stage.

In response, he was named on the adult stage this season. Bob made his senior debut at a time when he let Cole Palmer go and Bernardo Silva and others were injured. He has no offensive points so far, but he has raised Manchester City fans’ expectations with his flashy moves. He also set foot on the UEFA Champions League (UCL) stage and played full time as a starter for the first time in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup).

In response, Manchester City prepared to renew the contract with Bob. British media ‘Daily Star’ said, “Man City will sign a new contract to reflect Bob’s recent rise. The existing contract is until 2026, but Manchester City plans to extend it until 2029. In addition, the weekly wage will also be raised from 12,000 pounds (approximately 1.93 million won) to 36,000 pounds (approximately 59.2 million won), it said.

Manchester City plans to develop Bob as the main player of the team in the future. According to the Daily Star, Manchester City franchise star Palmer left the team this summer because of Bob’s presence. Manchester City judged that Bob’s potential was higher than Palmer. Guardiola also believes in his possibility, so even if the transfer market opens in January, the possibility of “renting” is unlikely.


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