37th career title

Shin Jin-seo lost to Kim Myung-hoon 9 dan in 235 moves in the second round of the 25th Maxim Coffee Cup Final 3 at Gonjiam Resort in Gwangju, Gyeonggi-do on the 15th.

Shin Jin-seo, who also failed to win the first round held on the 9th, won the Maxim Coffee Cup for two consecutive years with a 2-0 overall record.

Shin Jin-seo, who kept the Maxim Coffee Cup title, maintained eight gold medals, including the international competitions Ng Cbae and LG Bae, the domestic competition Myeonginjeon, Yongseongjeon, the Sopalkosanol Best Knight Decision, KBS Baduk Wangjeon, and YK Geongibae.

In addition, Shin Jin-seo, who won his 37th title in his career, ranked fourth in the all-time championship rankings after Cho Hoon-hyun (161, Lee Chang-ho (141), and Lee Se-dol (50).

Shin Jin-seo, who caught the black on the day, maintained a tight balance until the middle, but secured a house in a tight race on the lower side to create an advantageous situation.

After that, the right-hander was attacked and allowed to chase, but he took advantage of the opponent’s mistake in the left-hander to take a clear victory.

Shin Jin-seo said after the match, “I’m very proud because I lost back-to-back games on the Maxim Coffee Cup, which determines the best position among the members of the team,” adding, “I’m especially happy because Go was difficult today.” 스포츠토토

He also said, “I started this year in a good mood, but I recently lost the world competition, so I intend to do my best with the mindset of starting again.”

Shin Jin-seo was far ahead of Kim Myung-hoon with 12 wins and 3 losses in the opponent’s total, winning eight consecutive games with the victory.

The prize money for the Maxim Coffee Cup’s entry into the strongest tournament is 50 million won and the runner-up prize is 20 million won.

The time limit is 10 minutes each with an additional time of 30 seconds.

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