32-year-old alien’s victimization

In front of the GS Caltex team, which is warming up, commentator Jang Ji-yeon of “Women’s Volleyball Legend,” Jeong Dae-young, a living witness of the V League, and 32-year-old Silva were talking.

Jang Ji-yeon is a legend in women’s volleyball and a center that dominated the women’s volleyball community from the mid-1990s to the mid-2000s. She is a former playing coach for Seongnam Korea Expressway Corporation High Pass Zenith and a current commentator.

Jung Dae-young is also a living witness of the V-League, and Jung Dae-young won the first V-League women’s game since the launch of the pro in 2005 with 23 points, the most in the team, on February 20, 2005 (Sunday) Hyundai Engineering & Construction vs. Korea Expressway Corporation.

This season, Jung Dae-young (42), the oldest in the women’s team, led the Korea Expressway Corporation to the championship in the 2022-2023 season and signed a one-year total of 300 million won with GS Caltex as a free agent.

GS Caltex foreign player Silva (32) is also playing as a player, raising children with many years of experience.

First, commentator Jang Ji-yeon gave advice to Huba Jeong Dae-young, saying, “There are a lot of times I run as a main player, so take care of your body.”

And while talking about common parenting, Sylmar said, “I have a mother who catches my mother.” Looking closely at the content, Jung Dae-young and Silva usually have a lot of conversations about parenting.

As for Jeong Dae-young, who is two years older than her, Silva said, “I feel like I have another mother. Even in the locker room, she nagged me about my bent posture, saying, “Stay straight, don’t cross your legs and sit in the right posture,” and started talking with commentator Jang Ji-yeon as if talking to her mother.

After having a pleasant conversation, the three broke up looking happy, promising to meet again next time.

Meanwhile, Jung Dae-young is a legendary figure and is serving as a strong pillar of GS Caltex. Recently, rookie setter Lee Yoon-shin (a 24-year gap between Jung and Jung) led the team to victory in its first selection match, and said, “I always get advice from Jung. I have learned professional know-how.”


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