300 wildfires and multiple deaths in British Columbia.

Renaud Dugas, a spokesperson for Loto-Queébec, explained the controversial ticket on behalf of Crown Corporation. Mr. Dugas explained that the hit record concept was created in the fall of 2020, and the idea was to produce summer-themed tickets because many Quebecers prefer a nice, warm summer season. 파워볼실시간

Recently introduced CA$2 tickets are won based on ambient temperature. As mentioned in the slogan, the hotter the day, the bigger the prize. There are seven sun symbols on the ticket that players can scratch and some of them pay CA$1,000 per degree depending on the temperature. For example, if it’s 30 degrees Celsius, the prize money would be CA$30,000.

Mr Dugas went on to say that the ‘hit record’ tickets were part of the Crown Agency’s 50 one-off annual ticket launches. However, he said he understood the sensitivity behind the subject of the crown, even if it wasn’t an early concept of tickets. That’s why Crown Corporation decided to withdraw its scratch-off products from the market.

Security Violations
Most recently, Lotto Quebec reported that Crown’s official online platform suffered a security breach not long ago. Martin Raymond, a computer analyst at Terrebonne, was involved in the fraudulent scheme. When I worked for Crown Corporation, I had access to the company’s user accounts and databases. He used 30 user accounts that transfer money to his account, and fortunately the agency found him quickly.

Last Wednesday, Mr Raymond, 37, was formally charged with several criminal offences in a Saint-Germain court for his misconduct. He faces charges of breach of trust by public officials, fraud of more than CA$5,000 against athletes and crown corporations, retention of personal information, and unauthorized use of computers.

Online Casino Advertising
Crown Corporation is also planning to address another issue in the province. The agency has sought legal help in the fight against illegal online casinos on TV channels. These ads are causing confusion among locals because they tend to believe that the illegal websites promoted are part of Crown’s regulated gaming service. However, this is far from true.

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