“20th Winning Pitcher,” will score no runs in four innings in the second division, 148km

NC Dinos new foreign pitcher Daniel Castano has improved his condition ahead of the opening. 토토사이트 추천

Castano started in an exhibition game against the Doosan Bears’ Futures team at Masan Baseball Stadium on Wednesday, and allowed one hit and no run in four innings. With no outs and no outs, Castano struck out five times.

NC, where “20-win pitcher” Eric Peddy left, composed both foreign pitchers, including Castano and Kyle Hart, as left-handed pitchers.

Castano is expected to be NC’s ace this season.

With a height of 1 meter 90 centimeters and a weight of 104 kilograms, Castano pitched in 24 games (17 starts) in four seasons in the U.S. Major League Baseball and posted two wins and seven losses with an ERA of 4.47 in seven seasons. His overall record in the minor leagues is 42 wins and 28 losses with an ERA of 3.91. “Castano throws fastballs with 148-152 kilometers per hour, fastballs with sliders, cutters and changeups,” NC said. “His ability to manage games stably based on various pitches is an advantage.”

Castano skipped one appearance at the end of the Arizona spring camp due to cold soreness. As he went through the “build-up” stage again, the schedule for his appearance was disrupted. As a result, he pitched against Cheongbaek on the 8th and recorded one hit and no run in three innings.

In the match against Cheongbaek on Saturday, he had a maximum four-seam fastball speed of 147 kilometers and threw 31 pitches. In the match against Cheongbaek on Sunday, he enhanced his sense of play by posting a maximum of 148 kilometers and 50 pitches.

“My ball speed has increased and my ball control and condition has improved compared to the previous game,” Castano said. “I checked by throwing various pitches in today’s game. Today’s game helped me a lot in preparing for the season. I’m really looking forward to the season. I’m getting ready for the season.”

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